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This is STEP 1 -- Body Composition 

Extending life by eating healthier,  taking supplements, will help improve weight, vitamins such our Rejuvenis vitamins that are proven with testing of your body to track results, receiving treatments, and the use of all natural products including added follow up testing to insure results.
We must review with you in person such things as body composition, confidential comparison photos that show before and after procedures of others and to discuss safe products we offer, to the extent of their benefit to you. We have a body analysis printed report to evaluate each client. This evaluation, which consists of hydration level, Lean muscle to fat ratio and the basal metabolic rate, can be helpful in showing the client how to meet their long-term goals, without medication or its side effects.  

Finally, the print-out of the body composition report will contain a nutritionally suggested program. The nutritional program suggests how to balance the body's lean muscle to fat so the client may obtain their goal weight.

The body composition report is derived from recording a mild electrical current sent through the body (which you can't feel). The amount of resistance to the current, indicates the amount of fat in the body, this is called impedance.  The impedance will vary depending on the body composition. An actual test can be viewed on the picture attached (
click here). It requires tiny electrodes attached to the right hand and to the right foot. The current that travels through the body is very mild and cannot be detected.

With the assembled information this health management software program will show the following which will help the Clinic assist the client in pursuit of their body contouring goals:

1. The client's fat to lean body ratios.

2. Hydration level.

3. The rate the body metabolizes in a relaxed state (BMR).

4. Nutritional program earlier mentioned and a food group exchange list for the client's selection.

Health and fitness must include exercise, if you can't workout with weight,  walking is a must, even if you do weight training. Cancer of all types cannot exist in a high alkaline, high oxygen body environment, and oxygenating the blood through deep breathing exercises and drinking alkaline water from our Aging Younger water ionizer is vital to good health.


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