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Because of environmental toxicity and this high stress lifestyle of ours, it's impossible to rely on food for all the nutrition our bodies need to stay healthy and strong; especially since the food processors in our country have removed one of the substances required for healthy cell membrane formation, Omega-3's, which was back in the 1950's and the neurological diseases exponentially exploded after that.

We live on devitalized food from mineral deficient soils that are packaged in boxes, picked green and stored in refrigerated compartments.

Research has shown that, due to a steady decline in the nutritional quality of our food, even an adequate diet might not enable us to maintain the vitamin and mineral balance required to avoid health problems.

We get toxins from all sorts of things: Washing our hair twice a week with common shampoos containing DEA, MEA & TEA which are: Cocamide (DEA, DEA-CETYL phosphates, DEA OLETH-3 phosphates, Myristamide DEA, Stearamide MEA, Cocamide MEA, Lauramide MEA, Oleamide DEA, TEA-Lauryl Sulfate) - These chemicals ingredients are used as emulsifiers and foaming bases in the majority of body care products.

ü Blocks the brains ability to absorb Choline      

       which robs its ability to make memory cells

ü Reduces intelligence

ü Creates memory gaps

         Reduces short term memory  

We get Choline from

           Lecithin is an excellent source for Choline, considered a B-Vitamin

           Choline in foods:  Liver, egg yolks, grape juice, cauliflower and peanuts; you can get it from soy bean however soy is a phyto-estrogen and we strongly advise leaving soy completely out of your diet.

Most North Americans get enough Choline from their daily diet
So, do we want to destroy this with shampoo and conditioners?

We have natural shampoo and conditioners that are safe, please call us.

1. What about Foods and Pesticides

        Problem  -  Foods sprayed by farmers are never free of chemicals.

            Solution  -   Buy Organic!  It does cost a little more;   At the very least, clean food with our toxin free soap and water.  Every little bit helps!

2. What about Food Preservatives

          Problem  -  Chemicals are added to food to make them last longer and look better for sales purposes.

          Solution  -  Buy Organic or clean your Fresh foods well and detoxify the body making an appointment to come to the Anti-Aging Clinic today.

3. What about Dairy products?

        Problem  -  In Today’s world, Milk from cows can be laden with antibiotics, hormones and other things and their food is filled with chemicals that are deposited in both milk and meat. Also milk is both a carbohydrate and a protein and the body does not digest the two together well and can produce a disease state: GERD for example         

           Solution  -  Buy Goats Milk instead  raised naturally and do not switch to Soya/Soy Milk because this will affect your hormone balance, soy being estrogen. Schedule an appointment today with the Anti-Aging Clinic today.


       Problem  -  Many brands today contains Aluminum and your body absorbs this

         Solution  -  Try brands without it; try utilizing Baking Soda.  It works to absorb odors around the house; it can work for you (and it is smooth). And begin our heavy metal removal program today.

5. What about Cookware

       Problem  -  Cooking with Aluminum cookware means your body is absorbing / ingesting Aluminum.

           Solution  -  Use Glass, Cast Iron, Stoneware, Earthenware, high-grade Steels for cooking and start our heavy metal removal program today.

6. Smoke or Second-hand Smoke

        Problem  -   Cannot quit or surrounded by it.

        Solution  -  This is BIGFind help to quit and avoid smoke filled areas.  Encourage your employer to implement a healthier work environment.  Implement your own rule at home – No  Smoking!

Fact--86% of babies who died in a study over the last 5 years had mothers who smoked.”

7.Processed Foods

       Problem  -  Omega-3’s are Stripped from Processed Foods as well as other Vitamins and Nutrients which are essential to keeping your resistance high to diseases.

           Solutions  -  Get back to the basics.  Include foods in your diet that aren’t processed as much as possible. Avoid prepared packaged meals and eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruit. And be sure you come to our clinic to be analyzed and begin the supplements which your body is lacking today.

•Our kids are especially susceptible to Chemicals

•Immune Systems not mature; Nor is their Detoxification Systems (so they accumulate Toxins more readily)

•FDA does NO TESTING on how Chemicals and Processed Foods effect or accumulate in our Children

It was as late as the 1960’s before we realized we must put Omega-3’s in baby formula due to the fact that processed foods have robbed our society of them for so many years.

8. Air Pollutions

         Problem  -  Poor air quality from polluted air, in and out of the house.  Know what your furniture is made of and protected with; some adhesives and protection solvents emit toxins in your home.

           Solution  -  Use HEPA filter air cleaners, avoid your own toxin/pollution contributions – gas powered tools.  Take your bike or walk whenever possible. And use our toxin free cleaning supplies to clean your house and toxin free soaps to clean your hands, hair and your clothes. Call us today.

9. Artificial Foods

       Problem  -  Saccharin and food colors are unnatural foods for your body (and, in most cases, horrible for your health) they turn to formaldehyde in the body when they reach a temperature of 86%.

           Solution  -  Avoid foods with those ingredients. Utilize Stevia or Xylitol (all-natural sweeteners) instead or simply cut this from your diet.  At the very least, use the real thing (Raw sugar)


        Problem  Over-exposure or repetitive prolonged exposure is Toxic to your skin and body.

          Solution  -  Use our Sun-block;  (note:  Many Sun-blocks contain   Toxins, Ours is pure and is combined with Hyaluronic Acid, which is a substance found naturally in the body such as in your heart valves .  Limit   your exposure and that of your children.

11. Home Cleaners

        Problem  -  Most cleaners contain Toxic Chemicals that you inhale when using or absorbed on contact.  Most homes have many POUNDS of Toxic Cleaners under the Kitchen sink! 

           Solution  -  Find Toxin Free Alternatives (they now EXIST!).  At the very least, use lemon, vinegar or baking soda to clean and avoid Chlorine.

•Your skin Absorbs Chemicals readily

•Your skin Absorbs more Chemicals than through the Food you eat

•You Inhale more Fumes (Toxins) than from the Food you consume

•Your skin has NO Detoxification system

•Once a Chemical is absorbed/inhaled; it will quickly enter your bloodstream


        Problem  Today’s world:  Living with pain, abuse, financial burden, debt, worry, crisis, over-working, etc.

            Solution  -  Create and include Stress-relieving HABITS in your life.  Make the time.  Daily meditations can be included in even a busy schedule; 1 or 2 hour weekly rituals like our lymphatic drainage treatments that help detox the body and at the same time relax and reduce stress levels. Get involved with our total health management program today. Call us at 954-742-4430  Microwave Oven
If you can
SKIP it, do so if not…
Avoid using Plastics, instead

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