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Turning Back the Clock—Naturally

By: Steve Allen


Turning back the clock is now a reality

Explains David Tippie, director and founder of the Anti-Aging Clinic longevity center in South Florida. David has assembled an effective team of consultants, including MD’s Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Clinical Psychologists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Chemists and Aestheticians, who share a vision of developing and offering new and effective age rejuvenation treatments. The professionals at the clinic work with clients to develop a tailor-made program and offer a variety of effective, natural, safe and noninvasive procedures and products.

           “America is a graying society,” explains David, “but the Boomers will redefine what aging means. From the 1960’s on, the Boomers have redefined the culture. Now that they’re heading into their fifties, their focus is on quality of life, Optimum health, beauty and longevity are of primary concern.” And that’s where The Anti-Aging Clinic Association comes in. The clinic’s focus is on age rejuvenation, health and beauty. “Health is our number one priority,” says David. “No one wants to look good and feel horrible.” And in keeping with the focus on health, the clinic offers corporate and school wellness screenings. These unique tests reveal health biomarker, from a person’s antioxidant levels and lean body mass and nutritional recommendations.

Still, anti-aging procedures and age rejuvenation are why most seek out the clinic. “America is a youth-oriented society. From surgeries and liposuction to a variety of treatments designed to help turn back the clock, but age rejuvenation, need not necessarily mean the use of invasive procedures or toxin,” explains David.” In the last five years the clinic developed a unique, non-surgical face-lift. We’ve also introduced an effective alternative to Botox injections,” ATX, which stands for alternative treatment,” is a unique anti-wrinkle hexapeptide used to reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. The Botox alternative compliments the clinic’s comprehensive, multi-faceted anti-aging therapies program that addresses the body’s natural aging process and expands upon the natural non-surgical face-lift procedure.

Though David shares his generation’s concerns with turning back the clock, he emphasizes that the clinic’s focus is not on invasive procedures, but on holistic approaches to looking younger and feeling good. It’s about natural alternatives and options that work.”