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Oprah Winfrey weight loss program is a SCAM? Questionable ingredient

Oprah Winfrey diet program claims the following:

1.          Burn Fat Cells through a noted increase in your body's resting metabolism.

2.          Block Fat Absorption by keeping dietary fats from seeping into the bloodstream and body

3.          Ban Fat Consumption by actively suppressing your appetite for fattening foods.

This link to Chitosan is the magic ingredient that the Oprah Winfrey dietary supplement touts as being a fat blocker.  Chitosan a dietary supplement, is growing in popularity among Americans seeking easy weight loss, but persists in a legal gray area. The demand for chitosan arises from its reputation as a “fat blocker,” “fat magnet,” or “fat buster” that absorbs fat in the digestive tract. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration prohibits any such claims, causing marketers to promote it in vague terms as a dietary supplement.

Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Nutrition Act of 1994, the F.D.A.’s powers to regulate dietary supplements are limited. But when weight loss claims are made, the F.D.A. gains jurisdiction. F.D.A. compliance officers are kept busy sending warning letters to companies that skirt the line in their promotional claims for chitosan products.

The F.D.A. maintains, and most medical authorities agree, that weight loss claims for chitosan are unsupported.

Traps and gets rid of dietary fat and cholesterol.

Facts: While there have been some promising studies that show chitosan to have a cholesterol-lowering effect in animals, there has been no such evidence in humans. It has never been tested for weight loss, or in humans at all. In fact, Chitosan has the potential to be harmful due to the fact that it binds fat-soluble vitamins, which could result in deficiencies and set in motion other harmful side effects.


RE: Health for life program, suggestions. Please review all the links provided.

Remember that cancer is only the symptom and, low oxygen plus high acidity is the disease. In order to oxygenate the cells you must breathe deeply and often, many times per day and partake of the suggestions below, including removing Soy and Tofu from your diet, read this link on soy

Take 3-sprays of Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor as soon as you wake up, let absorb under tongue. See this Link: ALL THE FACTS ABOUT GROWTH FACTOR  Please add hand held weights to your walking as time goes forward.

Please consider purchasing Goji Berries and using them for an easy to get to snack during the day; see this link; Goji Berry

Take (2)Rejuvenis Omega-3 gel cap on empty stomach in the morning (Walk for 30 to 60 minutes if you can) Lean muscle metabolizes and fat does not, see this link: Lean Muscle

Take Rejuvenis CoQ-10, in the morning before breakfast, chew and let absorb under the tongue.

Never use a microwave oven for anything, see this web for the dangers: Microwave Danger

Take Rejuvenis Vitamin “C” with breakfast.

Breakfast:  5-minute oatmeal—with raw bee’s honey, extra virgin coconut oil and one of these four berries; blueberries, blackberries, cranberries or strawberries. See this link to the satiety index, scroll toward the bottom of this linik: Satiety Index

Two hours after breakfast: SNACK---Raw veggie salad, of ingredients shown this link VEGGIE IMPORTANCE  or  below, or  have Fruit; NOTE: Do not combine fruit. Choose any fruit with the exception of banana; banana has a low satiety value; eat a banana just before doing cardio exercises for the potassium value. Food Combinations chart located on this link: HERE

Noon—LUNCH— Take Rejuvenis Vitamin “C” and TAKE  (1) Rejuvenis OMEGA-3, GEL-CAP THEN-Protein (fish or red meat or chicken or turkey) with veggies or salad (salad to be dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar or lemon)   Eat the protein first.

Two hours after LUNCH—SNACK as stated above. If grapes are your choice for snack, select the darker Grapes.

Two hours later: TAKE  (1 ) Rejuvenis OMEGA-3, GEL-CAP THEN ---Snack again;

Two hours later: TAKE – Rejuvenis Vitamin “C” with Evening meal:  with veggies and salad (salad to be dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar or lemon)  Please select the salad group  SHOWN BELOW, cut up together in large bowl with cover; add lemon juice to keep it fresh for the week; the large pre-prepared bowl of salad makes it easy to put in smaller containers with lids, to take with you. You put the extra virgin Olive Oil on the small portions you intend to eat that day.

Two hours later: TAKE  (1) Rejuvenis OMEGA-3, GEL-CAP THEN --Evening Snack:

Two hours later: Evening Snack again: At some point in the future, your snacks should consider-- Goji berries; ours are $27 for 20 ounces and they are great for people on the move, they never need refrigeration.  See the link below as to their benefit for good health. Goji  Berry.  This next link will explain how our Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor Spray will benefit your healthy walking or work out. Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor Spray.

BEFORE BED-- TAKE  (1 )Rejuvenis OMEGA-3, GEL-CAPand  one Rejuvenis CoQ-10, chew the CoQ-10 and let it absorb under tongue. Then Spray 3-more sprays of Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor under the tongue, allow to absorb; then sweet dreams only, please.

Contents of raw veggie salad GROUP shown in this link:  RAW VEGGIE SALID  Below:

Celery, spinach, broccoli, green onions, artichoke hearts-packed in water, hearts of palm-packed in water, garbanzo beans packed in water, sugar snap green peas, un-sprouted bean snacks, make enough for many days, pour lemon juice over the entire large salad to keep from wilting or spoiling.  Refrigerate and eat portions as needed. This is to make it easy to eat healthily, when you are on the go you can place some salad into a small Tupperware container with a snap on lid ,to eat at a later date. This will give you an alternative to fruit.

Here is Fibers role in the body: FIBER

Here is why lean muscle is important: LEAN MUSCLE