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                                      Why can weight management help contour the body?

Contouring the body does not imply the Clinic Programs and products are only for the obese person, in fact these programs and products make you, what ever your weight may be, more healthy and beautiful. Obesity is an excess of body fat. Anyone who is 20 percent over the norm for their age, build, and height is considered obese. Those who are obese are more likely to experience kidney trouble, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, complications of pregnancy, and psychological problems. Liver damage is also common in overweight persons. Some of the causes of obesity are glandular malfunctions, malnutrition, emotional tension, boredom, habit, and love of food. We address the majority of these with our supplement program.

Obesity has been linked to food sensitivity allergy. Changing your eating habits is important in balancing the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat in the body. When there is inadequate intake of all the essential nutrients, fat is not easily or adequately burned.

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In order to address obesity, we must examine each of the following:

1.      Curbing the appetite.

2.      Increasing the fat metabolism.

3.      Improving your continuous motion exercise each day.

4.      Improving your state of mind.

5.      Providing proper nutrients to the body. >>SEE THE ATTACHED, explaining why balanced is proper.

6.      Providing help at the cellular level.

7. BHRT bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Before we can examine number 1 above, we must first examine number 4. The “Satiety Center” of the brain receives neuro-chemical instructions from the adrenal and central nervous systems.  At the middle of the satiety center, is the hypothalamus, see the picture below. This control center is for all automatic regulatory activities of the body, regulating adrenal and thyroid metabolic function, managing all endocrine hormonal levels, organizing body metabolism, heart production and the control of body temperature. In today’s science it would appear that most everything concerning weight management, weight loss or weight control is related to the hypothalamus, through the concept of pleasure and satisfaction as they relate to:

1.      Feelings.

2.      Emotions.

3.      Moods.

4.      Hunger.

5.      Appetite.

6.      Quantity of food intake.

Neurons in the Hypothalamus produce a number of neurotransmitters, which relay information to all parts of the body. These directly influence the:

1.      Pituitary Gland (for Growth Hormone releasing).

2.      Thyroid hormone releasing factor and other neuropeptides.


The hypothalamus is involved with all 5 physiological stimulations: 

1.      Taste.

2.      Smell.

3.      Sight.

4.      Sound.

5.      Touch.

The hypothalamus must associate and discern from all the senses, an action produced from memory of an experience. That experience which is selected will most likely be from the pleasure and satisfaction memories. The experience stored in the memory that stimulates eating can be an extremely   deep satisfaction for very obese people.  Food becomes increasingly more important but increasingly more unfulfilling. This is due to the hypothalamus receiving the wrong neuro-signals resulting in an inaccurate integration of all the sensory input that are subtle but powerful, making us feel empty deprived and emotionally unsatisfied.  Age contributes to these mixed signals and weight gain becomes inevitable. 

The Clinic has a regimen of natural homeopathic supplements, which can help interfere with this mixed signal and create a feeling of satisfaction that includes a sense of confidence, happiness and optimism as well as to help in curbing your sugar craving. You still get the normal urges to eat but it may not be the over-whelming urges that could never be satisfied.  This is the first tool in our arsenal to help you win the battle against obesity, by helping you “Curb the appetite” and by “improving your state of mind”. Next we offer a nutritional printout of daily food intake that is formulated around weight loss of one pound per week. There are certain foods, which will fight hunger longer than others as you will review in the charts provided.

You can begin to see that all six of the Clinic mandates are necessary and become uniquely tied together.

“Increasing the fat metabolism”, begins with the stimulation of the lymphatic system.

“Improving your continuous daily motion exercise” is an important factor in, increasing your metabolism.  Although strenuous exercise can improve strength and indeed help the metabolism, obese people often times are not able to exercise. But walking in a continuous fashion for a minimum of 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day can help increase the metabolism  and often times obese people are able to walk.

The hydration of the body plays a vital roll in our metabolism and 3 liters per day is a good intake.

“Providing proper nutrients to the body” for nutritional purposes is important, as well as insuring that the metabolism functions properly. You can review the necessity of our multi-vitamin by going to the hyperlink Multi-Vitamin Spray . Malnutrition from the lack of daily vitamin and mineral intake is an important factor in considering weight management. Digestion of food in the stomach as well as absorption when the digested food reaches the small intestine is also important in considering weight management and can be reviewed by going to the hyperlink Digestion  . Detoxification of the liver plays an important roll in weight management, as toxins are commonly trapped.  That volume of toxins trapped increases with the Clinic lymphatic drainage procedures and detoxifiers become more critical. Additional information can be reviewed by going to the hyperlink Supplements  .

“Providing help at the cellular level” can be reviewed by going to the hyperlink Nujuvenis Max™. It is important to note that the Anti-Aging Clinic mission statement is to help you be as young and beautiful inside and out, as you can be.