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                                                           Why Take Charge Of Your Sugar

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When you take control of your blood Sugar you will
take control of your:



Mood: if you are generally a happy person and you are beginning to feel down
or depressed, chances are your blood chemistry is in error and little to do with
your mental illness. By taking control of your blood sugar, your mood will
automatically improve and you will handle daily stress more easily once again.


Weight: Your blood sugar and insulin levels determine your energy levels and
how much gets stored in the fat reserve. It is how your body utilizes what you
eat that is important. When blood sugar is under control losing excess fat weight
becomes natural.


Energy: When sugar is under control you will have an abundant
amount of energy.


Mental Sharpness: 25% of your body's blood sugar is utilized by 2% of your
body and that is your brain. When the blood sugar is under control you will
improve your mental alertness and improve your memory.


Hunger: When the blood sugar is under control you will stop being a slave to
hunger pains and stop craving the sweets and simple carbohydrates like chips.
Re-introduce yourself to Mother Nature!

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