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                                                                  Insulin and Blood Sugar

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When you eat, and your blood sugar levels start to rise, your body makes insulin.  What insulin does,
is it opens up the receptors in the cell; there are two receptors in each cell and just as a side
comment-- it is worth noting, that a cancer cell has over 40 receptors for sugar.

The insulin will open those receptors and allow the glucose molecules from the food to penetrate
from the blood into the cell and oxygen enters the cells as well.  Then, the oxygen combusts
the sugar and creates energy.  So what happens with the over abundance of sugar because of our
poor diet and lack of exercise, please click on this like to review exercise and insulin

All of a sudden, the cell stops responding to insulin.  It becomes insulin resistance.  So what
happens with the excess sugar? 

The sugar now stays in the blood, the body makes more insulin and you then have too much insulin
and too much sugar in the body, both of which are very dangerous and can lead to death.

The liver begins to try and rectify by combining the sugar and insulin into fatty acids and then storing
it as fat; with the assumption that the insulin resistance will someday disappear and the body
will “SURELY” be able to use that excess fat.-- “WRONG” !!!

The glycemic index basically says that if you eat something that has a high glycemic index, your
blood sugar will go up; as opposed to something with low GI, at which case your blood sugar will
not go up. 

Studies found that the Glycemic Index is really different for each person.  In other words, the
studies showed that for one person, carrots for example, might be worse than oranges for
one person
, and for another oranges might be worse than carrots.  So basically the studies
show that every person has his or her own GI. 

On top of that, high glycemic foods are not necessarily carbohydrates, they could be meat or
they could be nuts or something else.  When you ingest something that for you is a high GI
food along with sugar, then your sugar level and insulin resistance will go up.  So instead of
calling them Glycemic Index indicators Dr Friedman, who provided the studies and did
the research
, called them triggers.  Why triggers? Because they TRIGGER insulin resistance
inside the body. 

After having discovered this, --the next question was, how can a person find out what their food
triggers are?  This lead to the development of the biofeedback system we have at our clinic today.

The biofeedback system will introduce a signature, by way of low level current to the body
using the Biofeedback for each food and ask the body through this biofeedback signature
current, if that particular food would tend to cause an inappropriate blood sugar response
or not-- in an individuals’ body.  This system will show with a high reliability, what your food
triggers are. 

Avoid those triggers and you will become healthier and start to lose body fat and improve your
weight ratio and/or improve your energy and over all good health.  This is what we refer to as
the science of measurement and that there is no one size fits all program. We have a one on
with each of our clients to help develop their own personal “Health Span” Helping to
reduce insulin resistance is only one! 

There was extensive research on different ingredients in our products that would assist the
body to reduce insulin resistance and to help control blood sugar levels.  Another thing that
the health assessment will show you is what nutritional needs your body requires; and which
of our health and sustainable weight loss products balance with your body.  It will give you a
good indication of what nutrients your body needs to reach optimal health.  And these nutrients
will be pin pointed in the printed report generated to specifically analyze your body.

You will be glad you made an appointment with us; I give you my word. Call us and let us show
you how the science of measurement is the only method you should use in determining
what supplements you should or should not take. Call us at: 954-742-4430

Keep in mind that there are many thin people out there with diabetes, so while Dr. Friedman
relates to losing weight along with controlling diabetes, many people are on the road to diabetes
that may not have any apparent reason to suspect it. 

Now, please note that the biofeedback assessment we just referred to, is not diagnosing whether
you have a disease or not, but it will give you a guideline to optimize your health utilizing our
natural products and an indication of whether further investigation is warranted.

There are some other key components to losing weight: Losing weight is not only product;---
it has 3 major components.  

#1 is diet and water – the most important components; we suggest to you, good food combinations such as those combinations shown on the food chart  or on our website under weight management; and you should consume 50% of your weight in ounces of water each day. 

#2 Should you use supplements or drugs, and of course, we are not advocating that you Take drugs; we do advocate that you take supplements on the basis of your body analysis
we provided you through the science of measurement
that we have been speaking about.
Some products that might be suggested are on our Products Page.

#3 is exercise, even as little as walking 60 minutes every day and you can speed all of this up
with lymphatic drainage treatments here at the Anti-Aging Clinic. 

I will speak about each of them.  Your diet:  the first step is to determine what your food triggers are
by having the health assessment produced at the Clinic. You simply call us at 954-742-4430 and set
up an appointment to get tested. 

Once you find them out your food triggers, you avoid your 3 top food triggers.  If you still don’t
lose enough FAT by following our weight management program, avoid the fourth one. 
Repeat assessments may reveal more food triggers as your diet changes and your health gets
better.  Then, eat 3 main meals a day with raw vegetables, preferably green. In between meals
consume fruit as well as with the most wonderful weight loss supplement that you will have EVER
found; our Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor 3-sprays under tongue when you wake up in the
You are going to love it, I promise you it helps reduce fat and build lean muscle.

Next, refrain from eating for 4 hours b4 going to bed and take the last 3-spray of
Rejuvenis Max Growth factor just before turning out the light to sleepy land.   In the beginning you
could be hungry before bedtime; if that is the case then we have appetite suppressors for the evening.

You will find that you will slowly, no longer be hungry at bedtime or during sleep as time goes on,
and you are also not as hungry when you wake up. The evening suppressors have the natural
substance in it similar to what is in Turkey, that makes you sleepy.

Then you want to drink the optimal amount of high mountain spring or micro-cluster water, and
to determine that amount, you take your body weight, convert it to ounces, divide it by 2 and that’s
the number of ounces of water you want to drink;  (example 160 pounds converts to 160 ounces,
divided by 2, that’s 80 ounces or 10 cups of water per day. 

Once your body’s handling of the energy created by sugar is in-appropriate, then your health starts
to deteriorate, because in our cells, energy is life – energy is what gives life to the cells-- so when the
cell does not get the energy --or cannot effectively use the energy it gets, --the cell is slowly dying.

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