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                                                                 Food Trigger Analysis

When you eat, and your blood sugar levels start to rise, your body makes insulin.  What insulin does, is it opens up the receptors in the cell; there are two receptors in each cell and just as a side comment-- it is worth noting, that a cancer cell has over 40 receptors for sugar.

The insulin will open those receptors and allow the glucose molecules from the food to penetrate from the blood into the cell and oxygen enters the cells as well.  Then, the oxygen combusts the sugar and creates energy.  So what happens with the over abundance of sugar because of our poor diet? 

All of a sudden, the cell stops responding to insulin.  It becomes insulin resistance.  So what happens with the excess sugar? 

The sugar now stays in the blood, the body makes more insulin and you then have too much insulin and too much sugar in the body, both of which are very dangerous and can lead to disease and death.

The liver begins to try and rectify by combining the sugar and insulin into fatty acids and then storing it as fat; with the assumption that the insulin resistance will someday disappear and the body will “SURELY” be able to use that excess fat.-- “WRONG” !!!

The glycemic index basically says that if you eat something that has a high glycemic index, your blood sugar will go up; as opposed to something with low GI, at which case your blood sugar will not go up. 

Studies found that the Glycemic Index is really different for each person.  In other words, the studies showed that for one person, carrots for example, might be worse than oranges for one person, and for another oranges might be worse than carrots.  So basically the studies show that every person has his or her own GI. 

On top of that, high glycemic foods are not necessarily carbohydrates, they could be meat or they could be nuts or something else.  When you ingest something that for you, is a high GI food, along with sugar, then your sugar level and insulin resistance will go up.  So instead of calling them Glycemic Index indicators Dr Friedman, who provided the studies and did the research, called them triggers.  Why triggers? Because they TRIGGER insulin resistance inside the body. 

After having discovered this, --the next question was, how can a person find out what their food triggers are?  This lead to the development of the biofeedback system we have at our clinic today.

The biofeedback system will introduce a signature, by way of low level current to the body using the Biofeedback for each food and ask the body through this biofeedback signature current, if that particular food would tend to cause an inappropriate blood sugar response or not-- in an individuals’ body.  This system will show with a high reliability, what your food triggers are. 

Avoid those triggers and you will become healthier and start to lose body fat and improve your weight ratio and/or improve your energy and over all good health. Since lean muscle metabolizes and fat does not, by default you will become healthier.  This is what we refer to as the science of measurement and that there is no one size fits all program. We have a one on one with each of our clients to help develop their own personal “Health Span” Helping to reduce insulin resistance is only one! 

There was extensive research on different ingredients in our products that would assist the body to reduce insulin resistance and to help control blood sugar levels.  Another thing that the health assessment will show you is what nutritional needs your body requires; and which of our health and sustainable weight loss products balance with your body to help your body become balanced.  You have no doubt heard Stephanie and I speak of balance weekly, and how important this it is to balance your body. It will give you a good indication of what nutrients your body needs to reach optimal health.  And these nutrients will be pin pointed in the printed report generated to specifically analyze your body.

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