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                                                    An Alkaline Body Is Key To Good Health

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AN ALKALINE BODY IS KEY---Every know disease starts in an ACIDIC body

Today we require a better understanding of a key ingredient to our health, more than any other time, because of our environment, poor quality foods and our poor habits developed through a lack of knowledge, when it comes to our nutrition.

The human body is an electrical chemical phenomenon.

How we effectively absorb our nutrients is a chemical process but it is also an electrical process. The amount of living foods we would have to consume in order to arrange the proper pH of our body because of today’s available food supply, would be 85% living vegetables and fruits. People don’t have a schedule for this, so they need to make the best choices when they are selecting foods, whatever time they select for this task, to make sure that the foods they choose are as many of the alkaline foods, fruits and vegetables as they can. If you are preparing them, make certain you wash them thoroughly with a non-toxic soap that will remove all the germs and pesticides.

Out of those veggies, that you don’t consume, make your juices. Within every cell of a carrot, lettuce, celery, broccoli etc., there is an electrical component, an electrical charge, if you will. That electrical charge is literally, an electron. So when you eat these veggies and drink the juices, you are getting the special nutrients that only Mother Nature can provide; and also, there is that electrical component that we are going to pay close attention to on this program.

Every cell in our body has a negative electrical charge and as the alkaline food enters the cells, it is positively charged and therefore, is pulled into the body’s negatively charged cell. The minerals in these foods, that hold the electrical charges are sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals are called electrolytes.

Most people don’t realize that calcium is part of the metal group, appearing on the periodic table of elements. Calcium is the most dominate of these electrolyte materials, to cross the cell wall. Charges transfer across these electrolytes to feed the cells.

People say, they can get their calcium from milk; but that can’t be, because it is mainly protein. The amount of acid it takes to dissolve and absorb any nutrients in the milk, over compensates the value of the calcium that is inherent to the milk.

If one has the chance to get raw milk or goats milk, which is closer to the size of human’s milk and is absorbable through the stomach, then this would be a    good way to get their calcium. The best way to get calcium, is through the dark green vegetables; these are high in calcium.

Any calcium supplement should not be calcium carbonate because, out of 1000 milligrams, we may get 75 milligrams, if we are lucky. Calcium can come from teas for example, that have the sodium removed. Calcium citrate and calcium gluconate are good, because, they are predigested, and in an amino acid bind with a substance or, they are chelated in a way, that is absorbable. Chelated means it is a structure that is created by the living plant, where it is readily acceptable, into the human cell. 

The closer we can get to a food grown that is live or, food based vitamins, (not synthetically produced, like the ones used in the study released a short time back, by the AMA, stating antioxidants were bad for you) (we agree, synthetic anything is bad for humans) Vitamins made through nature is what we should consume and the healthier we will be long term.

How does air, light, water and movement affect us, in addition to our nutrients?

A healthy body is an “alkaline” body. Remember, I started this show, by saying we need to learn more about one of the keys to good health, that people struggle over and I have been slowly explaining alkalinity. For example, the pH of a small baby is about 7.5 pH. The blood pH of the small baby is between 7.3 and 7.4 pH. If your blood ever gets down to a 7.0 pH you would be in a coma and if it got below 7 pH, you would be having a heart attack.

Why is that you might ask?

It’s because the electrical signals that go back to the heart, require a transmission substance (think of FP&L’s electrical transmission lines, in hurricane Wilma, we know first hand what it means, when those transmission lines are broken) it amounts to the same thing, when our body’s transmission lines are broken and this goes back, to the electrolytes we just reviewed. 

For instance, you could save someone’s life, if you carried a little bag of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is one of the most “alkaline” foods on the face of the earth. If you could put some cayenne pepper under the tongue of a person having a heart attack, you could save their life.

That heart attack means somehow, that electrical signal, is not getting back to the heart. When an emergency first responder gets to a heart attack victim, they would immediately run an IV of liquid bicarbonate into the blood stream; especially if the heart stopped. This is because, by the time they put the de-fibulator on the victim, to get things moving again, they would not want the heart to be pumping the original acidic blood, back through the heart, that caused the heart attack, in the beginning. The bicarbonate instantly increases the pH or, alkalinity of the blood.

The pH is very important to the body. The heart attack victim, once in the hospital, will always have two IV’s into their system; one is a type of sugar water and the other is a potassium chloride solution. The body works, with a 3 to 1 potassium to sodium in the system. Usually when the body is losing fluids rapidly, the number one thing to take, is potassium; that’s why all the sports drinks incorporate it. The unfortunate thing is, they have all the chemicals and artificial sugars like aspartame for example. When aspartame reaches 86 degrees, it suddenly turns to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde eventually goes to the liver; when that happens the liver hardens with this chemical. It looses some function and all though, we can operate our system on as little as 10 percent of the liver, the liver is responsible, for making the simple sugars that allow our brain to work.

For every action we take, the brain sends a signal, that it needs sugar and the pancreas responds and delivers it, by giving out just enough insulin, to release that amount of sugar, for that particular need.

Every one of us, should think twice, before consuming a candy bar and; we should do more than that-- before we think about drinking a soda; Sodas have phosphoric acid in them.

Remember; as you go up or down the pH scale, the numbers exponentially increase. For example pH 7 is neutral; pH is “Power of Hydrogen” or “ Potential of Hydrogen”. From 7--- as you go down the scale, it would be: 6-5-4-3-2 and so on; and as you go down the scale: pH 6-- is 10 times more acidic, than pH-7 and pH 5 ---is 100 times more acidic than pH-7 and pH-4-- is 1000 times more acidic than pH-7 and pH 3-- is 100,000 times more acidic, than pH-7 and so on.

When you drink a soda, it takes up to 32 – 8-ounce glasses of “high” pH water, to restore the damage, caused by one phosphoric acid soda. If you say; you have consumed sodas your entire life and you are now about 35 or 45, you could begin to develop savvier allergies, which could be compounded, if you were exposed to early vaccinations and aggravated still further, by unlimited injections of antibiotics for everything that bothered you, because that would be adding insult to injury.

If you think of the body, like a car, and you keep the proper gas and oil in the car and maintain it so it will take you where you need to go it certainly will. Your body needs to be cared for, the same way. It is extremely important for survival because at age 50, you should be at mid life, of your lifespan. 50 is young now and there is no reason why you can’t be running and playing at age 90 and 100 years old and enjoying life completely.

Now I am going to get to key, I spoke of in the beginning, to good health. Water plays a key roll in our health. Think of turning on the sink water, in a very dirty and greasy sink, from days of use. You add soap to the water, and it cleans up nicely. What is soap? Soap is very alkaline and, alkalinity changes the surface tension of the water, and it makes it, far more hydrating. It makes it, do a better job cleaning.

In general, alkaline, makes the toxins come out of our skin, through our urinary tract, out of our breath from our lungs. However, without enough of the proper drinking water, this can’t take place. Choosing the right drinking water becomes essential. Preferably our "Aging Younger" water Ionizer that is connected right to your sink faucet, that will deliver instantly, water that is of a pH 9 or 10.

In studies of longevity, the Japanese and Russians accomplished connecting facts to longevity; the one thing the long lifers had in common, was they had the same type of drinking water; a very high pH alkaline water. These were persons who lived to be an average of 100 years, but routinely lived to be 120 years.

Some people might say, you can just add baking soda to the water to increase the pH. That is not a good idea, because baking soda is sodium bicarbonate; again, you don’t have that potassium to sodium balance, Remember the--3 to 1 potassium to sodium, which your body must have, to function properly.

Some people may think, that choosing water is very confusing; there is Distilled water, Reverse Osmosis water, Glacial water, Deep Well water, Clear Mountain Stream water, Ionized water; what’s a person to do. And the answer--- to all of the above-- is; if you would measure the pH in bottled water in our country, you will be shocked to find out, that it is more acidic than average tap water.

Stephanie and I routinely invite our listeners to bring in their choice of waters and let us test it. To see the results before your very eyes is very telling.

An Acid body is called Acidosis, and this is the state in which cancer and tumors and diseases of all types, can thrive. A healthy body-- is an alkaline body; so drinking water, high in pH-- is the good health thing to do. High alkaline water comes from our "Aging Younger" water ionizer-- that hooks up to the sink in your kitchen. It has an internal filter to help remove the chlorine and fluoride and has a series of electrodes that the water passes through, which charges the water, by means of electrolysis-- and cause the water molecule to split. The alkaline minerals go out through the faucet into your glass and the acid minerals, exit through a second hose, from the machine that is mounted in the sink.

The petrochemical industry creates the most acidic waste deposits, such as the fluorides, the chlorides, the sulfonated or phosphorylated phosphoric acids.

How do we get rid of an Acid? The answer is, with alkaline!

By the same token; how do you get rid of, an alkaline deposit? An old teakettle for example, collects alkaline deposits over time. You soak it over night, in white vinegar, which is, an acid and it gets sparkling clean.

The human body is different, in that it is an acid-making machine. We have the lactic acid for the daily use of our muscles or, when we are not using our muscles and we have a lactic acid build up; such as when we are sitting at the computer all day, and the joints and muscles get stressed and tired. The normal exhaust of a muscle is lactic acid. Lactic acid is what makes our arms and legs tired after running, or walking, long distance, or exercising them with weights. We feel the same tired, when we are sitting too long in one position. If we were to examine what lactic acid looks like, when it is leaving the muscle, it is much like sweat exiting the skin and collecting on the surface. If you don’t have enough alkaline water in the body, to carry these toxins away, it literally dries out, making your muscles so stiff, you can barley move. When a muscle is healthy it should feel good, to massage deeply into it. If a muscle, is under lactic stress, it may be painful with deep massage.

This is one reason, among many, why our lymphatic drainage massage treatments, are so necessary for the body. A simple demonstration of how the lymphatic system works, is when you press your finger into a muscle and remove it; you see the skin turn from pink to white; Or, in the case of dark skin, from dark to a lighter color. You will see the blood that was pressed out of that area rush back in, and wash away, the remaining debris in that area. When you massage a sore muscle long enough, there will finally be a feeling of Europhobia, when the microcirculatory system and its affect on the lymphatic system become restored.

Now lets bring in the concept of water. Bathing-- is a good way to help detoxify the body. Just like that soap-- in the dirty greasy sink-- is alkaline, soaping your body, does the same thing. But to achieve, the maximum alkalinity in the bath water, add a cup, of Epson’s salt to the warm water. When you’re in the warm bath, and the pores of your skin are open, they literally drink in the magnesium.

In this process, the lactic acid dissolves, that is piled up around the muscles; and when you come out of the tub, you will feel wonderfully refreshed. You may be a little dizzy at first, because you have just released a lot-- of these deposits from the muscles-- back into the bloodstream, which may give you a temporary light headedness. At this point you drink more alkaline water from our "Aging Younger" water ionizer, to help your body carry the toxins away, and get them out of the system through the kidneys, the sweat, through your breathing and so forth.

Sodium chloride, table salt, will tend to make you retain water, and is why some people say, their doctor tells them to restrict their sodium intake, in their diet and; as a result, they don’t use salt.

Our body is like the sea is for the fish, our blood, is a saline solution, and our pH is critical for life. Sea salt is important for our body, and using it will lengthen our lifespan; to remove it will shorten our lifespan; One of the best things made by nature that we should put in our body, is sea salt. And, when you are choosing the water to drink, remember-- that water should be an electrical component to the body. Such as the negatively charged ionized water from our "Aging Younger", connected to your kitchen sink. If you choose distilled or reverse osmosis water or, the bottled waters, they do not have the electrolytes in them, and they will tend to make your body more acidic, because of their low pH levels. Water, without the minerals, does not conduct electrical current and your body is an electrical phenomenon.

The perfect water for the body, is water full of electrolytes. Remember the sports drinks, can say they have electrolytes because, of the potassium in them; but the value, is far offset, with the artificial sweeteners, that will turn into formaldehyde and will harden the liver.

Be cautious, of the soft plastic bottles that you purchase your water in. Polycarbonate plastic bottles should be used and, is identified by a number 7--- in a little triangle on the bottom. When the water reaches room temperature in most plastics, the soft plastics release organo chlorines. Organo chlorines released in water, can reduce the pH-- to as low as pH-4. This is highly toxic to the body.

Even in the polycarbonate bottle, the water, should not be stored more than 14 days. The answer is, install our "Aging Younger" water ionizer on your sink faucet and drink it room temperature or, purchase one of our 2 gallon, with a water valve, polycarbonate containers for the refrigerator, for cold water consumption. We also have the small travel bottles of polycarbonate, to take to the gym or walking or travel anywhere.

Dr. William Ray-- in Dallas Texas, a pioneer in woman’s health issues; who is involved with environmental medicine and clinical ecology; found in his studies, of all the women he has tested, that had breast cancer, all had organo chlorines.

You can begin to see that our environment, water, air and industrial products are causing us to store toxins in our body and inhibit the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of our immune system and apart from making our white blood cells, it is responsible for carrying these toxins away, to and through our waste system organs and out of the body. Unfortunately, not all are expelled and we must remove them and begin a maintenance program for longevity. We provide, an in home detoxification program, of EDTA suppositories, that gently and thoroughly-- chelate heavy metals and toxins from the body. The exponential explosion in the neurological diseases in our country; is due to these toxin build ups and the lack of Omega-3's in our bodies. After mothers store them and develop poor cells in her body, she passes those unhealthy cells, on-- to her baby.

When we restrict the flow of the lymphatic system in any manner, it becomes crucial. There is a study of tight fitting bras for women, with under wires, and tight belts for men, and the study advocated, and rightfully so, loose- fitting- clothes.

The lymphatic system can function more efficiently, with the alkaline water that goes directly to the cells, for perfect hydration.

The acid wastes, love to store in the fatty tissue, giving us that ugly cellulite, on the skin; it also stores in the organs and in the arteries. Dehydration and the oxidative-- triglycerides --can cause little tits inside the arteries, restricting the flow of blood, which also damages the wall of the artery. The body will patch these areas, by robbing calcium from the body, and putting it around these areas, in an attempt for self-defense. This is called hardening of the arteries.

Dehydration, calcification and cholesterol all go together. Often many things, that are problematic, can be caused by one thing like the lack of water. More than anything is the body’s need for this clean, living, alkaline water.

Remember cancer is nearly guaranteed-- at around a 4-pH. Look where cancer shows up most of the time, in places where there is not a lot of circulation. In men, it is the prostrate gland; in women, the breasts and uterine—and also in the colon, for both men and women. The colon will be put in danger, when we have poor nutritional habits, which create undigested foods-- that ferment, and eventually, become progressively more acidic. In order for the body to protect itself, the body will use that fermented material to line, the colon wall. The colon wall is where we are supposed to have a protective mucosa lining, un-encumbered with fermented foods. When the mucosa lining gets covered with fermented foods and it gets thicker and thicker, you will find a person who will have a whole range-- of health problems; including, psoriasis, various kinds of skin conditions-- that were never known before.  The stress level rises, as their diet stays the same.

Dr. Bernard Jenson stated very clearly in his book “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowl Management” that 90% of all human disease, starts in the intestines. That is the colon, but often times in the transverse colon as well. This is because often times we are standing up and the intestines are subject to gravity; so the transverse colon will expand, and to accommodate what is moving through or, not moving, and stationary. That is why people who are relatively skinny will have a big potbelly. "Of all the polite topics of conversation, the state of one's intestines is probably at the bottom of most people's lists. Let's face it: Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gas, diverticulitis and colon cancer are simply not things we like to discuss. And yet, as the old expression goes, death begins in the colon. If you don't believe it; ask any coroner. Autopsies often reveal colons that are plugged up to 80 percent, with waste material."

In order to get your energy and youthful vitality back you must cleans and maintain the colon.

The sins of the mother and fathers shall be visited upon the sons and the daughters.

What that means is, a certain amount of chemical predispositions that happen to us, could come from our patents poor habits. If your parents were alcoholics for example, you might have some kind of blood sugar metabolism problem or, maybe an allergy to sugars or alcohol, or some other food.

We provide a biofeedback analysis to identify food triggers. These are foods that tend to cause your blood sugar to rise, and this is very important to find out. We have helped many people who were diabetics, to lower their blood sugar levels, by eliminating their food triggers from their diet.

Remember the keys to life are Air, light, food, movement and water.

Limit water intake when your eating; it interferes with digestion. The smart thing to do, is to drink ionized water on an empty stomach.

I want to give you a good liver detoxification drink so get your pen and paper: mix all the ingredients, preferably, in a blender;

1-    lemon squeezed into-- 8 ounces of WARM ionized water.

˝  teaspoon of cayenne pepper, mixed into water

1-clove of mashed up garlic, natures antibiotic

1-cup of apple cider vinegar – the highest potassium

1-teaspoon of olive oil

Mix all these ingredients well in a container big enough to hold all of them together.

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