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Aging Younger is performing daily housekeeping of your body, which includes drinking the perfect water!

We are undergoing a paradigm shift in America from the sickness industry to the wellness industry. Current medical pharmacological sickness industry thinking is based on treating disease and the wellness industry is about prevention and promoting good health. But chronic disease doesn’t just appear out of nowhere; it can actually begin in youth and progress at a sub-clinical level, until it reaches a threshold. When the symptoms appear from a disease, it is often times long after the disease has progressed.

We do not want to expel the notion that at some point a pharmaceutical company may find a synthetic chemical compound for treatment of a disease that may cause the disease and or the symptoms to go away, because this can happen; the silver bullet so to speak, which will stop or slow the disease.

Absent any miracle drug however, we must rely on prevention. It makes good sense to explore prevention since a chronic disease does not just appear out of nowhere and it can actually begin in our youth.

We think well-informed individuals who are searching for alternatives, would decide to take a supplement or consume a certain type of water, and another would decide not to at this point. Education is like a trap door, once you go through it, you cannot return to ignorance.

Our effort of educating the public is based on scientific evidence and not on science fiction. The wellness industry provides information so that more and more people can see the good sense in being proactive about their health.

The sickness industry is not saying that you do not need a healthy diet, proper water intake, fiber and exercise. Supplementation, on the other hand, may be a different matter to some in the sickness industry because of lack of training on the subject. There has been no long term, clinical study trials for natural supplements to speak of, because there would not be the level of return on investment, as the synthetic drugs would support. Since the beginning of time when natural herbs and remedies were the only available medicines and to our knowledge there have been no dead bodies because of taking them. However there are plenty of people who have had diseases and are miraculously cured after taking natural substances, exercising, drinking the proper water and eating healthy.  

An everyday person outside of both industries assumes that the MD will be the expert in the sickness industry as well as the wellness industry. To help clear this up, let us examine the eight years that the doctor spends in education and training.  His training is to address critical care and the application of pharmaceuticals. This does not slight doctors in the least, on the contrary, they are the best in the world at what they are trained to do.  But in their training, there is typically 30 minutes to an hour spent in neutraceutical or natural supplementation and there is no bioidentical hormone replacement therapy education.  To expect them to be the expert in the wellness industry is not fair to them.

A person in the wellness industry, by contrast, is typically researching and in training their entire life on the subject.  Researching all the facets and nuances of natural herbs, vitamins, hormone treatments and products that are natural to the body, must be a dedication and is a life long task.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is important in relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats and other PMS symptoms and balancing the body, but it does not end there. Hormones control everything in the body.

Take obesity for example; in 1994 at New York’s Rockefeller University, Dr. Jeffrey Friedman and his research team discovered that the fat cells of genetically obese mice failed to produce a chemical called Leptin. Leptin was the first adipokine and the first hormone shown to be made, exclusively by fat cells. Leptin’s primary function throughout human history has been to sense body fat for survival during famine. Many scientists believe that the main evolutionary role of leptin was not to regulate weight or appetite, but to regulate fertility. Leptin is absolutely necessary for the normal function of reproductive organs. As fat stores fall, leptin levels drop. At a certain level of thinness, a woman’s ovaries stop functioning, solely because of leptin deficiency. This effect is seen today in slim young women with very low body fat. Leptin lets the brain know when there is enough food available to support offspring and prevents reproduction when food is scarce.

The sickness industry can perform a gastric bi-pass surgery that will attempt to shrink the stomach and it has a success rate. The wellness industry will balance hormones and guide the client through a nutritional program that will be multifaceted and include the science of measurement and natural appetite suppressors as well as lymphatic drainage treatments shown in the picture to the left. The results are slow and over time the body becomes adjusted to each phase and remains in balance, which allows for a shapelier body. For those who want the fast program perhaps the surgery would be your answer.


It's not hard to understand how we age the way we do. Suddenly we are old and we wonder how it happened. Yet it's been happening for years because every day our wonderful, amazing body has been slugging it out with what we are providing it, nutritionally as well as with the water we drink. This is a losing battle to keep aging at bay without education. We are not performing daily housekeeping functions with the proper foods and ionized water, so that both can become energetically available for our body and for energy storage.

Water is crucial to good health as well as weight management. So is, drinking the right kind of water.

We get old and sick because of excess acid accumulation in our body, and alkalinity neutralizes acid; therefore, drinking high pH-10 alkaline water from the proper water ionizer that utilizes electrolysis is a very important key to combating obesity and promoting good health and longevity.

The medical sickness industry considers the reduction of bicarbonates in the blood, as an inevitable fact of aging.

Nobel scientists argue that the reduction of bicarbonates in the blood is the cause of aging and disease, not the result of aging.

Bicarbonates enter the bloodstream when the stomach produces hydrochloric acid. When high pH 9.5 to 10 pH alkaline water is consumed it triggers the body to make hydrochloric acid. This triggers the release of bicarbonates into the bloodstream. Ionized water from a unit utilizing electrolysis makes the body become more alkaline and is the world’s wettest water that will hydrate your system more and provide high antioxidants to the system at the same time.

Think of bicarbonates as millions of maids in your body removing acid waste. Every known disease starts from an acid environment. Disease of all sorts, including cancer, cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Good health can be at your fingertips with the proper water ionizer connected to your kitchen sink faucet. You will be drinking the water the long lifers drink every day. The Russians and the Japanese formed a team and studied the people around the world who routinely lived to be from 100 to 120 years old. The people they studied lived this long without symptoms or any disease.

The team began to isolate the commonalities among these long lifers. They typically ate what was available to them, like nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables, wild game and fish from the high mountain streams. The next thing they found was that all consumed glacial spring water, since all of the long lifers were high mountainous dwellers of the world. The glacial spring water flows down the mountain through the rocks and becomes electrically charged and high in pH alkalinity.

Having discovered this, the team began to apply a technology that has been around for decades, electrolysis. Electrolysis is a process that dates back to the 1840's, when the famous Scottish scientist discovered it, Michael Faraday. Of course Faraday was one of the leading scientists of his day; his inventions include the magneto and the dynamo, which was the pulse of electrical current. At the time, they could not find any practical purpose for the electrolysis process, so it was essentially shelved until the Russians and Japanese scientists discovered its usefulness when applied to water for drinking purposes.

The water ionizer is based on this electrolysis technology. The unit plugs into your 110 outlet and transforms your TAP water into the high mountain spring water that flows down the mountains from the glaciers.

Water ionizer that hooks up to your sink faucet!

This technology has the studies to authenticate it. In Japanese hospitals, doctors prescribe water from this same type of unit to treat cancer patients.

How we effectively absorb our nutrients is a chemical process but it is also an electrical process. The human body is an electrical chemical phenomenon.  The amount of living food we would have to consume in order to arrange the proper pH of our body, would be 85% living vegetables and fruits shown to the right.

People do not have a schedule for this, so they need to make the best choices when they are selecting food. Within every cell of a carrot, piece of lettuce, celery, broccoli etc., there is an electrical component, an electrical charge. That electrical charge is literally, an electron. So when you eat these veggies and drink the juices made from them, fresh without any additives, you are getting the special nutrients that only Mother Nature can provide.

Drinking high pH alkaline ionized water on a daily basis is your hedge. Imagine drinking water that tastes so fresh, alive, so hydrating, full of electrons and full of beneficial high alkaline electrolyte minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Every cell in our body has a negative electrical charge and as the alkaline food or alkaline water enters the cells, it is positively charged and therefore, is pulled into the body’s negatively charged cell, which nourishes and hydrates the cell.

Most people do not realize that calcium is part of the metal group, appearing on the periodic table of elements. Calcium is the most dominate of these electrolyte minerals to cross the cell wall. People say they can get their calcium from milk; but that cannot be, because milk is mainly protein. The amount of acid it takes to dissolve and absorb the nutrients in the milk, over compensates the value of the calcium that is inherent to the milk.  If one has the chance to buy raw goats milk, which is molecularly similar to human breast milk and is absorbable through the stomach, then this would be a good way to ingest calcium.

The best way to increase calcium is by eating the dark green vegetables; they are high in calcium. Any calcium supplement should not be calcium carbonate because, out of 1000 milligrams, we may get 75 milligrams, if we are lucky. Calcium can also come from tea that has the sodium removed. Calcium citrate and calcium gluconate supplements are good, because, they are predigested, and bind with amino acid, or, they are chelated in a way that makes them bioavailable. Chelated means, it is a structure that is the same as created by the living plant, where it is readily acceptable into the human cell.   

The closer we can get to a food grown that is live or, food based vitamins, (not synthetically produced) but made by Mother Nature, the healthier we will be long term.

The electrical signals that operate our entire body, require a transmission substance and this would be the electrolytes we just referred to from the ionized water. Think of the electrical transmission lines to your home.  If a hurricane hit your area the transmission lines would break. It amounts to the same thing when our body’s transmission lines are broken, in other words not enough electrolytes. We must perform housekeeping of our body on a daily basis and there is no better way to start that task than to drink high pH alkaline water from the proper water ionizer on a daily basis. 



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