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                                               Dietary Whey Protein study

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Department of Food and Nutrition, State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil.

Background: Diet seems to represent, directly or indirectly, 35% of all cancer reports. In this study, the influence of dietary protein on the growth of melanoma B16F10 was evaluated through analyses of cell cycle phases and proliferative capacity. Methods: Flow cytometry and argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) technique were applied in mice bearing B16F10 melanoma cells fed on different dietary proteins. All data were submitted to statistical analyses. Results: The G0/G1 phase increased for the animal groups fed bovine collagen hydrolysate (BCH) or BCH-P1 + whey protein isolate (WPI), compared with mice receiving only WPI, for all dietary groups treated and nontreated with paclitaxel. Mice that received BCH + WPI treated with paclitaxel showed the highest percentage of apoptosis compared with WPI group. AgNORs, total nucleolar organizer regions (NORs)/cells and dot number/cell for all dietary protein groups nontreated with paclitaxel were higher than for the WPI. The only two dietary protein groups treated with paclitaxel that presented higher total NORs and dot number/cell than the WPI group were BCH + WPI and BCH-P1 + WPI. Conclusions: A significantly lower proliferative capacity and larger number of cells in the G0/G1 phase were observed for the dietary protein groups combining the two collagen hydrolysates, BCH or BCH-P1 with WPI, treated with paclitaxel. Castro GA, Maria DA, Rodrigues CJ, Sgarbieri VC. Analysis of cell cycle phases and proliferative capacity in mice bearing melanoma maintained on different dietary proteins.