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Would you like to improve your immune system and your overall body health,
then our
Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder is for you.
There is a lot you can do to give yourself the best chance to prevent or win the fight
against cancer.

Staying nutritionally fortified is one positive way to take control of your life and your
well-being. Optimal nutrition allows your body to function at its best. Maintaining optimal
nutrition can provide several benefits for people. If you are unable to consume the fuel you
need, your body will soon draw upon what it has stored—fat and protein. When your body
uses stored protein, malnutrition and impaired functioning of your immune system may

According to the National Cancer Institute, about one-third of all cancer deaths are
related to malnutrition.
Therefore, it is important to give your body a constant supply
of nutrients to use as fuel.

Cell nutrients and the explanation of benefits of our Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating
Complex powder are as follows;

Our Cell nutrient Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder , is
the next best thing to Mother Nature’s nutrients:

The word Nutraceuticals is an unofficial term that came from the combination of
nutrition and pharmaceutical. The word is meant to describe natural food-based
(nutrition) substances. 

Nutraceuticals is a relatively new term used by the Food and Nutrition Board of the
Institute of Medicine for all natural, standardized, non-toxic dietary supplements
designed to optimize health through improved nutrition
; such as our Rejuvenis
Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder

The make up in the body of the function of molecules, and the tissue and organs is
determined by the structure of those molecules. Therefore, STRUCTURE IS
FUNCTION. Most importantly, the body needs all of its nutritional components (or
ingredients) to form the perfect 3 dimensional molecular structures that make up all
of the body's tissue. The
healthy structure and function of any molecule, tissue or organ is dependent on the
presence of all of the nutritional components…not just a single component. In the same
manner, you can’t bake a cake using only flour…you need at least flour, eggs, vanilla,
sugar, butter and milk…you need all the components of a molecule to form its perfect
3 dimensional structure, which determines its function, and the health of tissue.

Scientists and universities have provided a great deal of research recently on stem cell

Stem cell enhancement is further achieved through improved nutritional intake. There is
no better way of improving your nutrient intake of what Mother Nature intended for your
body, than our 
Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder  and our
high antioxidant formulas, which we recommend to our clients. We reference stem
cells in this link STEM CELLS.

The unique Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder, provides not the
minerals and bio-flavonoids, and other phyto-nutrients in a whole food matrix, crucial for
the manufacture of all the body’s metallo-proteins and metallo-lipoproteins and should
be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and individual results may vary, however it has
been shown to improve the following:

•          ALL of your collagen (the connective tissues that form your
             muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, organs, arteries,
             capillaries, veins, digestive tract, etc.)

•          ALL of your red blood cells (that carry oxygen, nutrients and other

•          ALL of your white blood cells (foundation of the immune system)

•          Super oxide dismutase (SOD; a key member in the front line of
            antioxidant defenses)

•          And a multitude of other vital tissue, hormones, and enzymes.

The Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder provide the components
of the communications circuitry for molecular recognition and response signaling, such
as for immune complexes, enzymes and neurotransmitters. This unique and remarkable
Powder provides a comprehensive array of crucially needed nutritional resources that
promote the formation of molecules in their perfect 3-dimensional structures; ensuring
their healthy function and the tissues that they make. 

Simply put, deficiencies in the building materials cause:

•            Reduced immune competence and resistance to viruses, infections,
              toxins, etc.

•            Impaired energy & biological functions, and;

•            Ill-health.

These Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder molecules are
important for the structure and function of, among others:

•          Connective tissue

•          Immune cells

•          Antioxidants

•          Nerve tissues

•          Enzymes

•          Hormones, etc.

Proprietary Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder contains NO
rice starch, oat bran or other inert ingredients; and supplies the crucial building
materials to make important biological molecules upon which, the healthy structure
and function of your body depend. These building blocks are the most vital to the
body and the secondary effects, which are also important to the cells, is the cell

In mounting an immune response to an antigen, the antigen must be recognized,
captured, and processed by an antigen-presenting cell (APC), and then displayed
to T cells. The initial steps of recognition, capture, and processing by APC are vital
for a successful immune response. Specific carbohydrates are attached to antigens
to create antigen-carbohydrate conjugates that are more potent in stimulating the
immune system. The carbohydrates bind to lectins that are found specifically on
APCs. Lectins
are a
ny of several plant proteins that bind to specific carbohydrate
groups on proteins or on cell membranes.

One of the world's most renowned veterinary immunologists, Dr. Ian R. Tizard,
writes in a published paper entitled Carbohydrates, Immune Stimulating, "there has
long been a tradition in folk medicine that extracts of certain fungi and plants
“may be” of assistance in the treatment of cancer. On investigation, many of
these extracts have been found to possess potent immune-stimulating activity.

Healthy bodies are comprised of many components working together in sophisticated
harmony, and rely on the three dimensional
structure of the molecules and cell
communication to function correctly. In it's most basic form, this communication
occurs at the cellular level.

To maintain a healthy body, cells must "talk" to each other. Their language is one
of touch on the cell surfaces. Our Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex
powder helps provide this communication.

Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicators combine with other molecules which
combine with proteins when combined with fat.

in today’s fast paced diet cell communicators are absent. Our diets have changed in
response to the demands for quicker, cheaper food. Consequently, we are not eating
foods that contain the necessary fuels for our cells to remain healthy and to improve
health use our
Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder  on a daily
basis can be your hedge. The diet is one of the first things we discuss with our clients
and we provide a
pictorial layout of Mother Nature in a large bowl. The easier we
can make it for people to eat healthy, the more success we will have at transforming
them into healthy individuals. Everyone has a large Tupperware bowl with a lid, we
show you how to prepare the healthiest, easy to grab on the run, meals that
Nature can provide.

During the communication process your cells are exposed to tens of thousands of free
radical hits each day and this requires increasing your antioxidants. But we can’t just
say trust me, take these pills and you will be all better, like the pill hawkers out there.
We provide the evidence of measurement to our clients. A cold light laser that can
measure the existence in the tissue and tract those
antioxidant increases, as they
take place, once you are taking our Rejuvenis supplements.

Viruses can also interfere with our body’s ability to make these conversions, which
make it all the more vital that we have an increased immune system to help us fight
off the invading pathogens.

People who are ill or who have inborn errors of metabolism are especially vulnerable
to a breakdown in the process. Whenever the proper nutrients cannot be made, the
cell building blocks and communication are impaired as a result, furthering the rate
of illness.

Since your body has more than a trillion cells and fully regenerates all of its cells in
approximately one year, any malfunction can cause major health problems. With
millions of cells regenerating each day, it's easy to imagine what could happen if
during this process, the cells didn't regenerate correctly, due to what you chose to
put into your body. This is where our Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating
Complex powder other Rejuvenis supplement support, becomes essential to our diet!

Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder nutrients are a new
"class" of nutrients. These special nutrients provide the building blocks that enable
the cells in your body to regenerate and communicate effectively and, as science
evidence provides, your improved health also helps to create stem cell activity and
overall good health.

Our Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder  works best as a
team and most of our supplements have overlapping functions in the body, so
supplementation works best when all are taken in combination with a good
nutritional program, preferably backed by testing, such as our program.

Essential Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder  is mixed with

Other benefits include healing of wounds, decreasing inflammation, and inhibiting
tumor growth.

Apples are one food that has some of these qualities in it but spinach has nearly
twice as much. Onions have nearly 4x the amount than spinach has! Listed in order
from highest to lowest, quantity of these essential nutrients are;


·       pumpkin,


·       spinach,


·       cabbage,


·       brussel sprouts,


·       cauliflower,


·       carrots,


·       lettuce,


·       broccoli,


·       celery,


·       plums,


·       prunes,


·       and cranberries, which are my personal favorite.

These nutrients are important to the cells as an energy source. Without all the
nutrients obtained from these vine ripened veggies in your body, you would lose
consciousness and go into a coma; then you would eventually die. Since we do
not have gardens in our back yards to gather only these in their ripened state,
we must supplement.

The veggies have some bodybuilding functions. Other Natural sources for
essential nutrients are Honey, Grapes, Bananas, Cherries, Strawberries,
Cocoa, Mangoes, and Aloe Vera.
You can also find these nutrients in our
Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder.

These nutrients have been shown that they may help in prevention of inflammation,
removal of free radicals, formation of collagen, and in healthy joint function. Studies
have shown that these nutrients may work slowing the growth of tumors. Mother's
breast milk has a high concentration of these nutrients. Shark cartilage also contain
some types of these nutrients.

Some of the many benefits of  Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex
include antiviral properties, decreasing insulin secretion, reducing pain
and inflammation, cartilage repair, and increasing the range of motion for those
with arthritis and may even have activity against HIV and tumors.

Call us today and schedule a consultation, so we can help you determine if what
you are eating and taking as supplementation now, are working for you. We have
the cutting edge technology to measure tissue to determine antioxidant levels;
that’s right, not blood, which is only an indication as to what you have eaten in
the last 48 hours. Because it is in the blood, does not mean that it made its way
to the tissue.

Why is it hard for you to get the essential nutrients without supplementation, with
Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder ?

Up until recently, many nutrients have been identified as a fuel for energy. However,
in just the last few years, science has again found shocking truth that these
nutrients are key to the healthy functioning of the body's entire system.

Energy in the body is produced from Mother Nature's foods that we digest and burn.
Nevertheless, science has shown that special biological  nutrients are not burned for
energy, but actually form the building blocks for the body. Simply put, this means
that these nutrients become part of the building blocks for our complex cellular
structure that also supports cell communication and the regeneration process.
The return to Mother Nature is essential.

With the new food pyramid now calling for more servings of fruits and vegetables
into our daily diet, it is apparent that the produce that you buy in the store lacks in
nutrition in comparison to the produce of 50 years ago, because everything today
is picked green. Did you know that the top six causes of death are diet related?

Every disease is brought on by:


·       a deficiency of vital nutrients


·       free radical damage to cells


·       a malfunctioning immune system, dehydration, and,


         a high acidic, low oxygen environment of the body.

There are less and less phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in the plants
due to being harvested green, not allowing Mother Nature to complete her task.

Why is this?

·   Green harvesting of produce to last through packing and shipping, and the stay
on the grocery shelf, before you purchase it is number one!

·   Agricultural food crops are grown in mineral or, depleted soils and chemical use for
 pest control.

·   Modern food processing and methods of packaging are large contributors

·   The use of pesticides and preservatives, make it vital that we use the acid water
from our “Aging Younger” water ionizer to clean our veggies and fruits, before
consumption because this acid run off bi-product from the high alkaline drinking
water it produces has and antiseptic, antimicrobial cleansing benefit.

     Because some of the vital nutrients can be found in dairy, it is not advisable to
consume it, because it is both a carbohydrate and a protein and therefore not
good for your digestion or, overall health in general, especially if it is one of
your food triggers.

Further degradation of the milk, is due to the cows being feed genetically modified
feed and often injected with hormones to make them produce more milk and these
problems would offset any good, you could hope to attain from the milk.

Due to the fact that these nutrients are not found in our diets today, your body must
undergo a sequence of enzyme and chemical reactions in order to create them that
 robs the body of energy (ATP), which can be why, you feel more tired when not
consuming our
Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Cell Communicating Complex powder.

When the body is under any stress, or is exposed to toxins, or we are not drinking the
correct water, produced through the electrolysis process, such as ionized water from
our  Aging Younger” water ionizer , then it is harder for the body to go through the
nutrient conversions, due to the cells lacking in them, and then the body dehydrates
and deteriorates, which brings it closer to a chronic disease.

Our products such as “Seriphos” and “Adapt”  provides (scroll down the page and
click on the links, to see) adaptogens, such as (Seriphos) which help reduce
cortisol that is elevated due to the high levels of adrenalin we produce daily,
because of our stressful lifestyles, and Adapt, which raises cortisol, for those
who are hard to get out of bed in the mornings. We provide a saliva adrenal stress
test is to determine your actual needs.

Since there is no silver bullet, and no one size fit all program, several things must
be addressed, and testing is key.  A large part of the answer to good health, could
start with a change in mindset, and should begin with searching for natural to body
substances and techniques that are verifiable, like the testing we provide and our
provable supplements and products we offer here at our clinic.

Our natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, natural Rejuvenis Poly Ionic
Cell Communicating Complex powder,
as well as our antioxidants and natural
healthcare products in general, are wise choices.

Heavy metal exposure!

Experts have shown that almost every health problem - from learning disorders
to cancer and heart disease - is aggravated by approximately 1000 times
increase, in levels of lead in our bones. In 1999, it was reliably reported that hearts
with some form of disease discovered through autopsy, have 20,000 times more
toxic heavy metals in them, than healthy hearts.

Human exposure to heavy metals has risen dramatically in the last 50-years as
a result of an exponential increase in the use of heavy metals in industrial
processes and personal care products. In addition to the chemical hazards at
home and the environment, many occupations involve daily
heavy metal exposure.

Then you add to that, the fact that Omega-3’s have been removed from foods
 through processing, by food manufactures, because of the Omega-3 short shelf
life and you have the explosion of neurological diseases such as ADD, ADHD,
Autism and Parkinson’s. There has been research that shows a link between
aluminum hydroxide used in vaccines, and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s,
Lou Gehrig’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Taking Our cold water Krill Omega-3’s, are essential for the development of a
healthy cell membrane. As a result of our poor food supply and other heavy
metal exposure, unhealthy cells are created daily and 99% of the population
carries one or more chemicals, linked to the developmental cancer, that has
created the high acid low oxygen environment necessary to develop cancer.

Prevention is the better choice: Improving your immune system, improving alkalinity
with our Aging Younger Water Ionizer, and ridding the body of these heavy
metals with our EDTA suppository chelation therapy, is vital in good brain and
memory health, neurological disease, as well as longevity.

And then we must not leave out water.  Water is life giving, in itself.

We get old and sick because of excess acid accumulation in our body, and
alkalinity neutralizes acid; therefore, drinking high alkaline water from our
“Aging Younger” water ionizer “ is a very important key to good health and longevity.

The medical sickness industry society considers the reduction of bicarbonates
in the blood as an inevitable fact of aging. 

Nobel prize winning scientists in our wellness industry argue that the reduction
of bicarbonates in the blood is the cause of aging and diseases, not the result
of aging.

Since bicarbonates enter the bloodstream only when the stomach produces
hydrochloric acid and when high alkaline water is consumed it triggers the body
to make hydrochloric acid, which triggers the release of bicarbonates into the
bloodstream; therefore it is important that we drink the high pH alkaline water
from our Aging Younger water ionizer.

Drinking high pH (9 to 10) alkaline water from our “Aging Younger” water ionizer
will raise the stomach pH and cause the stomach to produce more hydrochloric
acid and this releases bicarbonates into the bloodstream. Good health can be at
your fingertips with our Aging Younger” water ionizer connected to your kitchen
sink faucet. Drink the water the long lifers drink every day with a simple phone
call to us at: 954-742-4430.


Hopefully, everyone remembers the DES story by Lloyd DuPlantis Jr. This was
the sequel of the 1950s, 60s and 70s events, surrounding the powerful synthetic
estrogen crisis in America; depicting the shattered lives of the daughters and
granddaughters of thousands of unknowing users of these synthetic hormone
drugs. Your body does not deal with synthetics; sooner or later the side effects
will show up.

Just in the past few years, from the Women’s Health Initiative study in 2002 have
we realized that Provera, which is synthetic drug and not bio-identical
progesterone, was the problem causing the increased rates of breast and uterine
cancer. Premarin, the most commonly prescribed synthetic estrogen, which is
natural to a horse, is proven dangerous. This estrogen is synthetic, and it is not
bio-identical to a woman’s body-but it is for a horse, since it is made from
pregnant mares urine. Prempro is the combination of Premarin and Provera,
both synthetic drugs.

We understand what the proper care is that must be taken with women who suffer
the symptoms of PMS, as well as menopausal women that do not have periods,
because every woman cycles, from her first period until she dies. All women can
suffer from the same types of symptoms; and that care is tied to one of our
successful Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program. Our products,
our testing and our techniques help provide for a more balanced life for our clients.

It is now clearer than ever that consuming plenty of omega-3 fats will help to keep
your brain functioning at its optimal level, even as you age. Dementia and
Alzheimer’s disease are not a normal part of aging, and neither is becoming f
orgetful, or otherwise senile. 

If you’d like to stick with fish as one source of omega-3 fats, we would highly
recommend that you only eat small fish (which have not had time to
bio-accumulate heavy metal toxins); good choices would be sardines and
anchovies. You can also eat fish that you know has been tested and shown not
to contain harmful levels of mercury and other toxins.

Omega-3 fats from our Antarctic cold water krill oil, is a superior method to
supplement. Cold water Krill oil contains phospholipids, antioxidants and the
type of omega-3 essential for the body that are bonded together in a way that
 keeps them safe from oxidation and easily absorbed in your body.

Our krill oil Omega-3’s, are in easy to swallow the gel caps. You can ensure
that you’re getting these incredibly healthy fats, without having to worry about
oxidation issues.

EPA & DHA are long chain essential fatty acids.

These essential fatty acids are part of our Krill oil Omega 3 fat, which is found in
cold water. EPA and DHA are highly unsaturated fat. These polyunsaturated fats
play a very important role with the function of our body.

Elderly people should also take EPA and DHA, because, as we get older, our
bodies form less DHA and EPA, which may cause less mental focus and
cognitive function; body builders take notice. Taking EPA DHA may also help
with mental abnormalities, such as Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.

There are other benefits to taking EPA and DHA because, it also plays as a
source of energy, it insulates the body against heat loss, prevents skin from
 drying and flaking, and cushions tissue and organs.

In the US, most people, regardless of their age, equate growing older with
growing ill, frail, or worse, because we have been lead to believe that this
is inevitable.

We are part of the wellness industry system that will help you take back your
health and grow stronger, not older and weaker.