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Fucoidan, is a substance found in rare brown seaweed that has been compared to human breast milk for it’s nutritional value. With a broad spectrum of essential minerals, vitamins, glyconutrients, amino acids and powerful antioxidants, fucoidan is perhaps the most remarkable botanical ever discovered. Over 600 studies document its benefits, including enhanced immunity, allergy relief, inhibition of blood clots, decreased cholesterol, improved blood pressure and its ability to fight abnormal cell growth.

It is now believed by many in the medical community that older people’s poor circulation is partially due to the defective and unhealthy cells lining the capillaries and arteries. These cells are unable to produce the substances keeping the patient from excessive clotting. Our "Aging Younger" "Júzeme" juice product can help these cells function better by continuously removing the excessive lead and other heavy metals that is in all of our tissues.

This is done with use of our toxin and heavy metal removing oral chelation Fucoidan in our "Aging Younger" "Júzeme" juice, which further corrects hyper coagulation problems because it also contains the Acai Berry. We have also found that it seems to aid in many circulatory functions.

Mercury is found in our amalgam dental fillings and in a great deal of the fish we eat.  Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke and aluminum comes from cooking. Free metals within our bodies catalyze free radicals and burden our immune system.

Lead is substituted for zinc within our bodies leading to impaired enzyme function. This imbalance of toxic versus essential trace minerals dangerously compromises our overall health. The idea is to get these toxic metals out of our bodies while supplying our bodies with essential trace minerals. This way, our immune system will be better able to function in the myriad of healing work it performs night and day.

How does our products compare to intravenous chelation therapy?

We all live a busy life and we can't go to the doctor and have an Intravenous chelation every day. It's too inconvenient to see your doctor for three hours in his office, drive an hour to get to his office, day after day, lose a day of income at a cost of whatever, which may be a significant amount of money to some. Our products are an effective, convenient and affordable way of removing toxins and heavy metals on a daily basis and will finally help people with the excessive body burden of heavy metals, that we are all excessively burdened with today. Take our mercury levels, for example. In a report published in Linear Practice of Alternative Medicine (Fall, 2001, issue, Poul Molher, MSc. calculated that it's typical to have approximately 40 million atoms of mercury per every cell of the body after having amalgam fillings for several years. When you know the facts on total toxic metals that we all carry around in us today, you realize that, whatever hope we have of really making a dent with 30 or 40 Intravenous treatments or even 100 chelation's over a lifetime, it is still simply a case of too little help being given too late. Daily Therapy with our products will allow you to continue removal of these toxins to receive the ultimate benefits without the hassles and expense, because it is virtually impossible and too expensive for most people to keep going to the doctor's office for IV chelation.

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