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                                                                  Food Trigger Testing

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Food trigger testing  instrument Food trigger audio BIOFEEDBACK:

Different foods and nutritional substances are represented by a known electrical response or “signal signature”.  The end result is a ranking of those known signatures as compared to those signatures or signals sent back from the body through the high tech computer of the Biofeedback device; connected with a hand electrode to the body. According to those known responses as compared to the degree of the correlated response coming back form the body, information is presented in a meaningful report recommending certain nutritional supplements that may assist the body in achieving and maintaining nutritional balance and those you would do well to leave out of your diet.

The biofeedback system will introduce a signature, by way of low level current through the body. Then using that Biofeedback current, of each food, it is like asking the body through this biofeedback signature current, if a food would tend to cause an inappropriate blood sugar response or not-- in an individuals’ body.  This system will show with a high reliability, what your food triggers are. 

Biofeedback, is an instrument with a software system that can help people revolutionize the way they eat, take supplements, control their weight and purchase nutritional and personal care products.

ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: What foods cause you to retain or gain weight? What nutritional supplements and in what quantities does your body need for optimum, energetic health?

Biofeedback a remarkable breakthrough in scientific technology, answers these questions for you!  Every person is unique, one of a kind. We need to know our own specific needs and how to meet those needs. Everyone need a biofeedback assessment! 

Biofeedback is the most accurate and advanced instrument available designed specifically to identify the nutritional needs of any individual. 

 It is designed upon bio-interactive science - "bio" meaning "life" and "interactive" meaning "the continual exchange of information".  The science behind biofeedback technology makes it possible to communicate directly with your body.  Your body does the "talking" and the biofeedback records the "conversation" and prints the results. 

This meaningful report is easy to understand and provides information that will assist you in choosing the right products your body needs most.

Biofeedback body assessment is a tool designed to assist the technician in accurately identifying foods you are eating that may cause you to retain or gain weight or produce excess sugar in your body. These foods that cause your insulin to rise are called food triggers. Elimination or moderation of these food triggers can cause a significant loss in your body mass as well as lower your sugar levels and moderate your insulin levels. The biofeedback instrument allows your body to say what it wants and nothing more or nothing less.