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Releave Stress by unlocking your healthspan

BACK clinic concept     

Measurement is the Key Factor. Antioxidants, Omega 3 and some other nutrients are very important but simply throwing something at the body, willy-nilly is not the answer.

What causes people to be healthy or unhealthy, stressful or to crave something for example can be answered in what their body is lacking. Biofeedback, a process for tracking and recording subtle shifts in the energetic functions of the body is the most accurate method of testing for energetic responses.

Different foods and nutritional substances are represented by a known electrical response or “signal signature”.  The end result is a ranking of those known signatures as compared to those signatures or signals sent back from the body through the high tech computer of the Biofeedback device; connected with a hand electrode to the body. According to those known responses as compared to the degree of the correlated response coming back form the body, information is presented in a meaningful report recommending certain nutritional supplements that may assist the body in achieving and maintaining nutritional balance and those you would do well to leave out of your diet.

When the body is in balance then it is contented and there no stress are no cravings or disease status and the body is healthy.

Everything in our body must be in balance to have longevity; nutrition as well as hormones. Nutritional analysis of Biofeedback is as important as a saliva panel test to discover how to naturally balance your estrogens (estradiol, estrone, estriol) or testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, and Cortisol. Male or female cannot survive without a good health-span.

Life span is governed by our good or bad health-span, which we have control over and to develop a good health-span, we must test the body to discover its weaknesses so we can repair and balance or perish earlier by those weaknesses. It is called prevention.      

Health and natural preventative measures are at the forefront of the clinic concept and antioxidants play an important role.

The body’s antioxidant production, with the use of the supplements we recommend, neutralizes free radicals and other toxins; with treatments, evacuates them through the lymphatic/adrenal cortex system and out the body’s waste system.  Weight management, body contouring, good skincare or beauty itself, can only be attained with a healthy functioning body. For this and other reasons, Energetic-Medicine, supplements, good nutrition and lymphatic treatments, become a very important part of our health, beauty, and weight management as well as body contouring programs.

Some of the information contained on this link concerns products we recommend to our clients when they have completed the Biofeedback testing, for improvement of those findings.


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