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The Ultimate Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
                   Click here Natural Hormone Balance

The Ultimate Natural EDTA Detoxification suppository

The Ultimate Stress Reliever and Food Trigger Biofeedback

 The Ultimate Natural Face Lift    More Information to review  Beautiful Face                              

To regain the youthful glow and vitality in the face, a gentle exfoliation treatment is applied through Microdermabrasion. Then the breast and neck area then the face receives the ultimate lymphatic drainage therapy, followed by a soothing
copper peptide mask; while the mask is gently lifting your face, the shoulders and arms are massaged to create the maximum relaxation.
The face lift skin toning portion of this treatment without Microdermabrasion and the mask are available for follow up treatments.     You can also purchase packages that will save..

A series of 10 non-surgical face-lifts includes all  safe, non- drug products in a complete package.  Skincare products, Vitamins and Growth Factor necessary for the rejuvenating of all types of skin.

The Ultimate Facial           
See: best
Skin care copper  peptide technology

The ultimate high performance facial allowing your skin to rediscover perfect balance. After a 4 step, deep cleansing,
steam, exfoliation and detoxifying mask all combined restore the skin to a more youthful appearance without medication side effects. A light massage is included.                                                            .                                                                                                                                                                                   

The Ultimate Back or Décolleté Facial

Designed specifically for the back or décolleté, this facial includes exfoliation of dead cells, extraction and high frequency antibacterial treatment. Copper Peptide products selected for the skin type that firm and nourish the skin, helping your back and décolleté to have that evening gown glow.                                                                                                                  

The Ultimate Acne or Teen Facial

Our systematic cleansing of the skin best removes buildup in the pores that may cause pimples, blackheads and
blemishes. By applying exfoliation, extraction, and high frequency anti-bacterial treatment used in conjunction with an effective yet gentle home care-cleansing system; your teen will bask in the glow of their natural beauty.                                       

The Ultimate Men’s Facial

Sweet bliss is his as he receives a relaxing customized mask that cleanses and tones the face while a soothing hair scalp, neck and shoulder massage comforts & rejuvenate him or son.                                                                                                       

The Ultimate Glycolic Acid Peel

By gently yet effectively dissolving dead skin cells away, the surface texture of your skin is renewed and refreshed by revealing the youthful, vitalized skin beneath. This therapy is followed by a soothing copper peptide rejuvenating mask.

The Ultimate Microdermabrasion   More Information

Medical grade crystals with vacuum pressure gently abrade the skin tissue to stimulate regeneration, improve skin texture and tone. This therapy helps manage acne prone skin and help diminish scars, sun spots and fine lines. The neck exfoliation is also included.                                                                                                                                                  

The Ultimate Hand Microdermabrasion

We cleanse the skin and abrade the surface of the hands with Microdermabrasion then we protect from the sun & moisturize the skin with our signature copper peptide products.                                                                                                        

The Ultimate Couples Facial
The ultimate relaxation shared with the one you love. The high performance facial provided to each in separate rooms, what a way to end a day.                                                                                                                                                                
The Ultimate Hair Removal Waxing Care

Eyebrow                             Chest & Back

Lip or Chin                         Bikini

Under Arm                         Brazilian Bikini

Half Arm                            Half Leg

Chest                                 Full Leg

Back .

Wellness Center

Find Out If Your Vitamins Are Working For You.
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Anti-Aging, Firming and Detoxifying Body Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage                    Best Information review Beautiful Body

This state of the art lymphatic drainage system treatment helps rid the body of its toxins by improving circulation and lymphatic flow. This cutting edge technology has a pleasant side effect, it causes the surface of the skin to smooth in areas where the dimpling of skin occurs (cellulite) and has been shown to help contour and shape the body. Body Composition Analysis is included with this treatment package.                                                                                                      
    You can also purchase packages  of 20 treatments.

Lymphatic Drainage and Energy Healing

Energy healing involves balancing, clearing and charging each individual’s energy field and removing energy blocks that may result in physical symptoms within the body. For example poor lymphatic flow is often a symptom of blocked energy. If the human energy field is stagnant or not balanced, then it will affect the movement of the elements within the physical body, including the lymphatic system. By coupling the forces of Lymphatic Drainage treatment and energy healing the lymphatic flow and microcirculation is further stimulated.                                                                                                           

Body Composition Analysis            SEE IMPEDANCE MOVIE  CLICK HERE

The body composition report is derived from your personal impedance test. The impedance number will vary depending on the amount of fat in the body. A report providing the following information is individually produced and thoroughly explained to you as to the actions we suggest you take:                                                                                                            

1. Basal Metabolic Rate

2. Hydration level

3. Lean Body Mass

4. Nutritional recommendation

The Ultimate Weight Management Program More information Weight Management
Also see Rejuvenis 
Obesity, due to hunger urges when the proper foods have been consumed can be helped with natural neurotransmitter interrupters. Changing your eating habits is important in balancing the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat in the body. The word diet is a marketers term and makes no sense. The correct nutrition, natural hunger signal interrupters, lymphatic drainage, water and movement, to the extent your system will allow, on a daily basis is the correct method. Providing a body composition analysis to establish your base-line that the Clinic can track your body changes, is absolutely essential to your success. Personal consultation will determine cost. Base Is: body analysis report, Growth Factor, Appetite and sugar suppresser, mood enhancer and proper vitamins.

Growth Factor    PRODUCTS Growth Hormone Spray
Supplementing the body with a spray under the tongue of growth factor increases the declining levels of IGF-1 as we age. We test the IGF-1 to track it’s presence in the body. Along with the cell rejuvenation benefits of the Oral Spray Growth Factor from the Clinic, the client may see increases in the following:

1. Increased stamina.

2. Increased energy levels.

3. Improved exercise capacity.

4. Immune system strengthened.

5. Sharper memory.

6. Skin tighter, more hydrated.

7. Deep sleep improved.

                              Anti-Aging Clinic Etiquette
Company's Marketing Gift Certificate
Instead of the typical gift, on every special occasion give your loved one (s) a gift certificate. You can buy Gift certificates for any amount. We do not refund gift certificates nor do we replace lost certificates.

Treatment appointments are reserved exclusively for you. If you must cancel or change your appointment, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid a 50% charge. No shows will be charged at full value. This policy also applies for gift certificate holders.

Products Purchased and Returns
Our professional product line make great gift Ideas for any occasion. For your convenience, we also gladly accept sales orders by phone or through the web. Due to sanitary conditions, we are unable to accept returns or refunds on opened products or any product after 7 days from date of purchase.

Cell Phones & Pagers
n order to maintain our peaceful atmosphere, we request that you turn your cell or pager off upon entering the Clinic.

Many of our treatments require removal of jewelry. The Clinic is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal articles.

Gratuities are not included and are appreciated.

Children are not permitted in the Clinic.

Private Limo Service Available
Limos are provided at an additional cost.

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