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Lymph The Forgotten Fluid--By:

Dr. Beatrice Bartnett, DC, ND, LIVIT; and similar to Dr. Vodder’s opinion and meets the requirements for the Lymphatic Association of North America CertificationDr. Beatrice Bartnett, DC, ND, LIVIT and a contribution Paragraph by the Clinic

PMS? Sinus problem?  Arthritis?  Chronic Fatigue? Fibromyalgia ?  Lupus?  Psoriasis?  Painful and enlarged breasts? What do all these disorders have in common? They are all chronic conditions fully or partially due to a backup of the body's lymph system. The word chronic is from the Greek "chronos" meaning "time." So chronic means a development over time.

These conditions just mentioned were created over a long period of time as the body's immune system has been gradually weakened from poor choices. The cause of this weakening is a slowdown of the metabolism.

This slowdown in turn, is caused by stress, poor nourishment, lack of exercise, accidents, radiation, drugs and chemo or other sickness industry chemicals, cuts, surgeries, and pollution.

A slow metabolism causes an overabundance of waste products within the tissues. In a healthy body, the lymph fluid carries waste away. An interference of this process is often the beginning of chronic conditions.

Dr. Vodder's chart

The lymph system is made up of lymph organs such as the spleen, the thymus, the tonsils, lymph nodes and lymph vessels. The lymph is all the fluid between the cells. It comprises 80 percent of our total body fluid. This fluid flows freely between cells carrying away debris and waste. The lymph nodes work as a filter, making sure only dead waste is transported into the lymph vessels. They deactivate and kill living pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. This process sometimes may enlarge the lymph nodes. Many of you have noted enlarged and sometimes painful nodes behind the throat, under the arms or in the groin areas when fighting a cold or flu. These areas are the locations of major lymph nodes. After the lymph fluid has been cleaned, it flows from the nodes through the lymph vessels into the bloodstream. The blood then carries the lymph into the liver where the waste is taken out of the blood and removed. The dead red blood cells are carried into the spleen for extra iron storage. The body has several paths to expel waste. Elimination occurs through the skin, the kidneys, the lungs and the colon.

When the detoxification paths are properly working illness has a much more difficult way to manifest, If there is a breakdown such as constipation, clogged skin pores, or a lung condition just to mention a few, the body may start to be overtaxed with waste. This stress is slowing down the metabolism.  As a result the function of the lymph system is compromised. Another cause that influences the lymph system is injury to the tissue itself. As the body fights tissue damage or an invasion of foreign debris, an inflammatory reaction occurs. Although this is a vital function of the body, it also clogs the lymph with large debris such as plasma proteins, which are dead cells. On a cellular level this means that there is also much debris and waste surrounding the cells. This is clogging the access to the cells and limits the amount of nutrients and oxygen available to them. In other words the cell is slowly starving.

As you can imagine, a starving cell's performance is limited. The result is weakness and loss of function. If the cell is deprived of oxygen, a condition called hypoxia occurs. Whenever there is lack of oxygen there is also an acidic environment and there is also pain. A cell is called a cancerous cell when it stops functioning with the other cells and simply eats and multiplies.

To simplify the whole picture just imagine a wonderful mountain area. Rivers are keeping the area beautiful. As the water flows downstream oxygen and nutrients are keeping the river healthy and filled with fish and plant life. Now imagine a beaver building a dam backlogging the river. Eventually a lake is formed. When the water becomes stagnant, algae will grow in abundance, diminishing the oxygen in the water and the fish and water plants will perish. We will end up with a dead body of water, which is an environmental problem. What happens in nature also happens within our bodies. An insufficient lymph flow creates an internal environment that is low oxygen and high acidic that is ideal for chronic diseases of all kind and eventually death when it is not taken care of.  

One thing you can do to help change this, besides to increase your body motion and exercise, is: Lymph drainage treatments. This is a very specialized form of massage therapy utilizing high tech equipment. This technique will help the body to move the fluid throughout the body. If some of the debris between the cells is too large to be moved by hand, the high Tec equipment we use for treatment will break down the large debris painlessly. The whole process of lymph drainage is actually very relaxing and comforting.

The state of the art lymphatic system drainage treatments we have developed help rid the body of its toxins. These treatments are important keys to treating the aging process as well for its positive effect on the immune system. Ridding the body of some toxins can only make you healthier. This cutting edge of science has a pleasant side effect, as it helps decrease the size of fat cells in the subcutaneous (called cellulite) by releasing trapped toxins. It is also helping to restore the blood circulation and its effect on the lymphatic system and that reduction in fat cell size, causes the outside of the skin to smooth in areas where the dimpling of skin occurs. As stated, this is called cellulite. 

These treatments, along with improving the immune system have also been shown to help contour the body.

A special body suit is put on to receive this technique, which could be described as: A fold of skin is gently vacuum rolled up into the hand held motorized head and is guided by the technician over the body. Special attention is given to the area over the lymph nodes.

The special body suit mentioned that the client wears, allows the vacuum pulling head to roll over the skin without pinching and it feels wonderful".

Lymph drainage is manual in the medical community and is mostly used in chronic conditions such as after accidents and before and after surgery to prepare tissue and speed up the healing process. It has been shown that with the help of lymph drainage the healing time can be cut by as much as 50%. Of course there are conditions where lymph drainage is contra-indicated such as any acute infection, when the swelling is caused by kidney or heart conditions, and cancer.

To keep the lymph system healthy, one should drink plenty of the correct water, which is alkaline water from our Aging Younger water ionizer and by taking our verifiable Rejuvenis supplements and to eat healthy, relax the body, mind and spirit and think positive thoughts, exercise, and enjoy a lymph drainage massage as part of a health maintenance program.

For the recovery of any condition, lymph drainage is one of the most important modalities.

A healthy life depends on the circulation of the lymphatic system. It is our second circulatory system, FOUR TIMES LARGER THAN OUR BLOOD SYSTEM and the unsung hero of the immune system.

Lymphatic fluid is located in vessels that run parallel to our blood vessels, moving in an upward fashion, responsible for ridding the body of all debris including fats, toxins, infection, bacteria and virus. Ultimately, the lymphatic system represents the flow of life.  A healthy flowing system bolsters the body's immune system, fights disease, and strengthens energy for daily life.

Unlike the blood vessels, which carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells through discrete vessels and remove waste products from the cells, the lymph system carries waste and toxic fluids AWAY from our cells, enhancing total health. However, this system has a serious built-in limitation because it does not have a pump to keep things moving.

It must rely solely on our good choices.

Good health habits are important for the body to function properly. When there are health challenges including mental and physical stress, poor nutrition and lack of consistent exercise, the lymph system can get overloaded and become quite sluggish, thereby making our bodies tired and toxic.

Toxins, which are not properly processed through the system, will then back up and store in subcutaneous tissue and lymph nodes throughout the body negatively affecting our appearance (with cellulite), energy level and overall health.

Correct maintenance and care of the lymphatic system is a major challenge in today's hectic lifestyle.

When your lymphatic system is blocked or clogged, this creates a condition of stagnation, which promotes fatigue and ill health. Some of the most common symptoms include lumps, bumps, pain and swelling.

Some causes of a blocked lymphatic system are due in part to stress, also lack of exercise, improper diet, repressed communication and basically everything we do or don't do, and every thought we have ever had.

To understand stress a little better you must first understand how adrenal fatigue develops, it is important to understand what the original functions of the adrenal glands were. The adrenals are important control centers for many of the body's hormones. The outer layer of the adrenal cortex gland produces hormones including cortisol, DHEA, estrogen and testosterone. The center of the gland produces the adrenaline hormone.

The basic task of your adrenal glands are to negotiate all your body's resources and increase production of adrenaline and other hormones when they are needed, such as the fight or flight syndrome. When the danger was over the cortisol would be produced to calm the adrenals down. The cortisol is the body’s way of counteracting adrenaline.

When there is good health, through a good lifestyle, your adrenals can instantly increase your heart rate and blood pressure, release your stored energy for immediate use, slow your digestion and other secondary functions, and then sharpen your senses. Healthy stress responses take priority over all other metabolic functions but that response wasn't designed to last for an extended period of time. When we choose to worry of every little and big thing, this makes our body become unhealthy with a huge amount of cortisol, creating illness and disease.

In today’s world we worry and stress over every so many things we can’t keep count. In order to begin to understand how to control stress we need to have a completed saliva adrenal stress test, so cortisol can be measured and effective natural therapies can be suggested to lower it during strategic parts of the day. Eating healthy for your body type and exercise are key factors in any stress reduction program. Nutritional supplements also play a vital role, as does the science of measurement to authenticate that supplements are working for you, is of major importance. Stress depletes your energy, causes depression, depletes your immune system, it is one of the causes of obesity and it shortens your lifespan; controlling stress is vital to your health.



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