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Energy healing occurs through the use and knowledge of Acupuncture meridians which are conceptualized to flow throughout our body and the body’s micro-currents.  The unimpeded flow of this energy in our bodies is believed to have a major role with our health and our well-being.  The goals of an energy healing session, (in the opinion of the experts in this field) is to decrease feelings of anxiety, while increasing circulation and relaxation. 

Medical researchers can no longer ignore studies which show that therapeutic touch in conjunction with low level micro-currents have had profound effects on pain. This also produces chemical changes in our bodies, which affect us emotionally and physically. It has been proven that even our own thoughts influence the functioning of our immune systems. Research has proven that negative thoughts increase cortisol levels and decrease the production of our immune cells, while positive thoughts help us release endorphins and encephalin, (natural pain killers which our bodies produce naturally) which in turn increases the number of immune cells circulating in our blood stream.

Research on volunteers with pain or anxiety before energy healing sessions, report significant reductions in their pain and anxiety even after 20 minutes of treatment technique coupled with mild micro-currents as low as 0.5 Hz. Using these energy healing techniques with the proper equipment which release these very mild but measurable micro-currents, entrains delta and gamma frequencies that affect our body’s neuromuscular energy system and subsequently treats physical as well as psychological problems.

By adding this energy to our system and stimulating our body’s own innate knowledge, we can begin to repair and rejuvenate ourselves physically, emotionally and even spiritually.   Energy healing in conjunction with micro-current stimulation increases the presence of ATP (andenosine 5’ triphosphate), by increasing the inflow of amino acids, as well as protein synthesis.  Neurotransmitters that are out of homeostasis, or, out of balance, due to some prior prolonged stress reaction, (or PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can come back into homeostasis (balance) and any concomitant anxiety, depression or sleep problem can be reduced and eliminated through the use of this type of energy healing.  This energy healing work is powerful and it touches every aspect of a person's life and is not just a technique with micro-current stimulation to remove pain and illness, but, is a complete professional practice that can improve the quality of people’s lives.     The goal of this type of energy healing is to strengthen our bodies to prevent the recurrence of an imbalance in our system that ultimately helps fight off disease.  Just as we keep our face clean every day, by washing it, taking care of our body’s energy paths on a regular basis, is just as important, especially if we want to remain feeling healthy and young. 

In regards to energy healing, it's also important to keep in mind that once a healing process is initiated, it is important to consider following through and being consistent, as it’s effects are cumulative and can affect every aspect our lives.  Our physical, psychological and emotional challenges help us discover our own unique path as well as spiritual aspects of our lives.  Transformation thru energy healing eventually can restore good health and lead us to a more centered, balanced and loving life, which in turn can result in personal and professional fulfillment.

Energy healing began as a Chinese philosophy and it is not focused simply on treating symptoms involved in physical illness.  This ancient art of energy healing focuses on helping people learn how to be healthy, by teaching them how to become more aware of how their health is affected by the choices they make in their everyday lives.  Those choices don’t just affect us physically, but, emotionally and spiritually as well. This is why there is so much confusion about energy healing, as the western mind does not understand the true concept.  The concept of energy healing is keeping people healthy, as opposed to the western medicine concept of only treating people, after they have become ill and are in pain. 

The Anti-Aging Clinic focuses on transforming the western thought process which implies we only need to receive treatment when we are ill, requires a paradigm shift.   Unfortunately, energy healing is usually sought, only after we have tried everything else and when we feel most vulnerable, because of pain or a debilitating illness.  Energy healing offers our bodies an opportunity to break the chain of our old habits, and can be most helpful, when we want to recover from an illness, as we are then the most open to healing and changing the way we feel.  After you start to feel better, the treatments can be less frequent but we recommend continuing a maintenance treatment schedule.  In Chinese medicine, this is referred to as "solidifying the constitution."   Unfortunately, when we start to feel better, many people find it difficult to continue to follow through with lifestyle changes and treatments and go back to their old comfortable habits. Consider a toothache that brings you to the Dentist. With the above analogy one could consider the toothache cured once the area was anesthetized. Education and good sense prevailing would see that the problem was not addressed until the abscess was removed and even then, regular check ups could prevent any replication of the original problems.

Our Anti-Aging Clinic Acupuncture Physician has a vested interest in people’s wellness and a focus on keeping people healthy, as opposed to only helping people after they have become ill.

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