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                             Cellulite - what is it ?


                                                       CELLULITE SYMPTOM  

         Detailed information relating to the Physiology of "Cellulite", can be found under the Clinic Concept Concept link on this website.

The dimpling is called cellulite and it is characterized by impaired circulation and degradation of the subcutaneous tissue structures. Alteration and lack of fluid exchange from poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics and other things, helps promote hypertrophy of the adiposities and can further aggravate microcirculatory and vascular problems.

This increased size of the fat cells, shown at left, can cause constriction of blood and lymphatic vessels, which can lead to reduced metabolic exchange. When the volume of the fat lobes increases in size this deforms the septa, which pull down on their superficial anchor points while at the same time push up against the surface of the skin. This creates spaces filled with water (Cellulite).
 The action of the motorized head in our lymphatic treatment has been shown to help restore microcirculation and stimulate fluid exchange. When the patient consumes the recommended amount of water coupled with movement exercise, improvement of blood flow has been shown as well as its effect on lymphatic flow which helps restore proper metabolic exchange. When this happens it allows the adiposities to return to their normal shape and size. The septa are progressively relieved of pressure and can result in a healthier smoother appearance of the skin.


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