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Cortisol,  Hormones, Stress

Conventional medicine will often only detect the extremes of high cortisol conditions, for example when you have Cushing’s Disease or Addison’s Disease. This is when damage to the adrenals has already occurred.  You can feel miserable but still be told your adrenals are normal. But by responding to early-stage symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger and others and reversing the developing dysfunction with testing and a lifestyle change, it is possible to prevent adrenal damage. Cortisol working at optimum levels would be elevated in the morning to help you get going, lower but steady throughout the day to sustain energy, and would then fall to its lowest levels to induce restful sleep in the late evening; provided you had a health balanced body.

Unfortunately this is not the case in our busy lifestyles. When we worry and stress over things our body releases adrenalin. We are constantly running from the bear chasing us that is not there. Our body was designed to handle high stressful situations but not often. When we worry and stress over every little thing, which we do, we cause our adrenals to go into adrenal shock and overload.

Every time the adrenals release adrenalin the body counters this by releasing cortisol.  Cortisol stores in the fat deposits in the hips, stomach and thighs and a visible sign that you have a toxic body is not only when you are depressed, angry or experience anxiety but also is the appearance of cellulite.

When you balance your hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy your endocrine system will function more efficient in helping you deal with the stress. Even after menopause or a hysterectomy, when your adrenals become the primary hormone factory, some women’s ratio of DHEA that is converted into testosterone, outweighs what’s been converted into estrogen and progesterone. This can cause disease states as well as bouts of increased irritability and unusual body hair growth, especially when hormone supplements are taken or hormone creams applied to the surface of the skin, without testing or follow-ups to monitor hormone levels.

A saliva panel test over a period of 30-days that takes 11 different samples of saliva on 11 different days to graph your cycle, is absolutely necessary in determining the compound of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that your body specifically needs to be in balance. The hormone pathway is at this link: http://www.livelonger123.com/Hormonepathway.htm


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