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                                                              Saccharin Dangers
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Early studies linked ingestion of high concentrations of saccharin with increased risk of cancer. As a result, the US Foods and Drug Administration previously required that saccharin packages carry a warning label to that effect. Canada completely banned its use. It is important to remember that it takes time for the consumption of manmade refined carbohydrates to produce the various manifestations of the saccharine disease. In short, these manifestations have incubation periods, which differ in each case. In some manifestations the incubation period is very short. Thus, a massive dose of sugary material could cause so great a proliferation of intestinal organisms that in some E. coli conditions, such as appendicitis (especially in children), the incubation period could be a matter of hours; think about this before giving them diet sodas or other items with artificial sweeteners.

'Saccharine disease', due to the consumption of refined carbohydrate foods, and with various manifestations in individual persons dependent on personal make-ups in the parts of the body affected. The conception of this disease did not dictate the evidence for it -- the evidence dictated the conception.