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Liquid Selenium Drench

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Liquid Selenium Drench

IS IT A-CURE FOR CANCER? You decide, because you are the only one who can cure!

Reviewed in the Nexus magazine  (December 2005 – January 2006 edition), dealing with a cure for cancer. The Nexus article is discussed in full below:

This unusual story of a West Australian farmer was told to me by one of the farmer's friends who live in Melbourne. It is full of happy endings, almost too good to be true.

This farmer was diagnosed with bowel cancer. His doctor-surgeon arranged a date for him to check into hospital to have the cancer removed. In due course on the date set, after he was checked into hospital, the doctor-surgeon visited him in his room to tell him that after reviewing all the tests and X-rays, all concerned agreed that his cancer was inoperable and that all tests indicated his heart was not strong enough to survive such major surgery.

The farmer said, "Doctor, you're telling me there is nothing you can do for me?" "Yes," the doctor said, and then apologized for such a late change of decision. The farmer then requested his wife to go and check him out of hospital and for his son to pack his bag and take it to the car. He said that he would have to go home and treat himself.

For many years this farmer had treated his cattle and sheep for prevention and cure of various ailments. One drench had proved especially effective and that was Selenium Drench Concentrate. He decided to formulate a daily dose for himself based on his own body-weight, as he had so often done for his farm animals.

Over the following few months, he took this dosage on an empty stomach every morning. After several months his wife said, "I think you are getting better! You look good and don't seem to be sick at all. I think you had better visit the doctor and have him check you over!" Which he did. The doctor said that as far as he could examine him externally, the cancer was gone. He told the farmer to go home and enjoy life!

One day shortly after, a well-dressed lady driving an expensive car arrived at the farm. She said, "Your doctor is my doctor and he tells me you cured yourself of bowel cancer. I have bowel cancer and I've come to ask you to share the treatment."

The farmer said, "Woman, it would be worth more than my farm for me to start acting like a doctor! But if I did make and give you something, I would be immediately arrested for practicing medicine without a license, especially if it cured your disease. But I know how desperate you are. I'll put the ingredients out on the porch and will show you what I mixed up, but I can't give it to you.

My wife and I have to do the evening chores—feed the fowls and milk the cows and so on. While we're gone, you can steal the ingredient if you choose but I can't give it to you!" That is exactly what the lady did and she treated herself as indicated by the farmer. Several months later, she returned with bouquets and presents. She told her farmer friends she was cured and given a clearance by their mutual doctor.

Soon after, another well-dressed lady arrived by car at the farmer's house. She had been sent by the first lady. She stated she had bowel cancer and requested the farmer share his treatment with her. He said he would show her exactly the same thing he had her friend which was the first lady, which he did and this second lady had the same excellent results.

Several months later and almost amusingly, the farmer's own doctor arrived at the farm, stating that he had come for more than a social visit because he too, now had bowel cancer and wanted the farmer to share the treatment with him; Which the farmer did in the same way as for the two ladies, and doctor had the same excellent results.

The friend who conveyed this story to me was a suspected prostate cancer victim having a very high PSA [prostate-specific antigen] count. He immediately began the treatment and very quickly his PSA was down to normal. Another of my friends was diagnosed positively as having prostate cancer and was planning surgery. He has been on the selenium treatment, and recently was given a medical all-clear. Friends who have gone on the treatment as a precaution—believing as I do that what will cure will prevent—have found that minor skin irritations and cancers on their hands and body have cleared up.

The treatment as worked out by the farmer is suggested to be the following using Selenium Drench Concentrate, which anyone can purchase from a veterinary product suppliers. It is liquid selenium. For years, the sale of selenium for human consumption has been prohibited, ever since the pharmaceutical companies found it cured human illness and it was natural and therefore could not be patented, and therefore not profitable to them, so they had to prevent their paying public to access it. The active constituent for selenium is 10 mg of selenium per mL as sodium selenite.

The dosage is one tea-spoonful to two litres of water, of which mixture you drink 226 mL or two-thirds of a 400 mL breakfast cup each morning on an empty stomach.

I've been taking it for several years and it certainly does not appear to produce any ill effects.

(Source: Email, dated February 26, 2004, sent to NEXUS Magazine in mid-2005)

This article is particularly intriguing when you consider the enormous amounts of money that is spent on cancer research every year. It is huge – a multibillion dollar industry.

And what has been achieved by this enormous outlay of funds? Very little, it would seem! Since cancer is only the symptom of the underlying disease; you could not possibly find a cure for the symptom. Collecting money from the government and well meaning people to find a cure for cancer is simply robbing people of their money.

Every now and then we get media reports of a major breakthrough in the search for a cure, but, invariably, the promised treatment is five or ten years in the future. And, of course, during those years all that money keeps rolling in!

As mentioned in the article, the sale of selenium for human consumption has been prohibited for some years.

Why is this so?

The official explanation is that it is dangerous to take large amounts of selenium so the public at large must not be allowed access to it.

I have never had a lot of confidence in official explanations as I find their connection with truth to be tenuous at best. There is usually an ulterior motive, and in this case could it be that people in a powerful positions have found out that selenium actually works - that it does cure cancer; so this is a threat to their income?

If that is the actual situation, that a simple application of a selenium solution produces a permanent cure and such became generally known, what are the ramifications?

First of all the river of dollars flowing into the sickness industry would swiftly dry up. Secondly, all those expensive (and dangerous) manmade drugs used in therapies such as chemotherapy would no longer be required. (What would that do to big pharma's bottom line?).

Another big killer - the condition that those in the medical sickness industry call "heart disease" or "occlusive cardiovascular disease"—is really a low-grade form of scurvy. This fact is becoming increasingly more difficult for modern medicine to deny.

Heart disease is a misnomer. The disease is characterized by scab-like build-ups that slowly grow on the walls of blood vessels (calcified plaque). The underlying disease process reduces the supply of blood to the heart and other organs, resulting in angina ("heart cramp"), heart attack and stroke. The correct terminology for this disease process is "chronic scurvy", a sub-clinical form of the classic vitamin C deficiency disease.

This can be remedied with high doses of vitamin C together with the ammo acid lysine, a therapy pioneered by Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr Linus Pauling but is a threat to the medical/pharmaceutical establishment

It is beyond my scope of this document to delve more deeply into this subject, but for those desiring more detailed information you can visit my website at www.livelonger123.com  

However, it is perhaps an indication of the reasons behind the strenuous efforts of the pharmaceutical establishment to make vitamins available by prescription only. Whilst they cannot hope to eliminate them altogether, they can at least try to make it difficult for people to heal themselves using alternative therapies.

After all, the last thing that the sickness pharmaceutical medical establishment wants is a population of healthy people – there's no profit in that!