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Prostate cancer  This is one of our radio programs that is delivered by Stephanie and David and examine many areas of concern about prostate cancer as well as all diseases. Often I ask our new clients to do this very simple exercise, and because this announcement is likely the most important I can ever share -- one that can dramatically transform your life for the better, if you let it -- please take a hour and listen to what we have to say.

First, if you could improve any aspect of your health today, what would you choose?

Would you want to be at your ideal weight? Truly look and feel younger and avoid premature aging? Eliminate or vastly reduce some disease or illness? Increase your daily energy and not feel down or tired all the time? Something else, or--- all of the above?

Next, envision what it would feel like to achieve that, or all those improvements.

Maybe that sounds a bit far out for you, but please just try it. Close your eyes for a moment-- and imagine what it would really feel like-- to look in the mirror and see a fit --and younger looking you. Imagine feeling healthier, full of energy, free of illness, and more upbeat throughout the day, no matter what your current condition is.

Now, as I tell our clients, get ready to make it happen. In fact, commit to making it happen. We will offer the guidance, but you have to accept it. The entire healthcare paradigm in this nation is built on the premise of looking at people through the eyes of traditional medicine and when that is exhausted and has not worked, as is often the case, they simply tell you they have done all they can for you, now go somewhere and die in a few months-- or years, or what ever time frame they have chosen to tell you. The sheep of the world will do as they are told and simply allow their body to die as instructed.

But for those of you who truly do not mind using your intelligence, that is all over now, if you will let it.

When you find people like Stephanie and I and a clinic like ours to tell you-- all of what you have been told is his hog wash; then you can fight back, or--- you can choose to be a sheep and curl up into your corner and go ahead and die-- like the doctor said, or, you can choose to use your intelligence and fight back.

I like to bring one classic example up when I am approaching this subject and that is the treatments for prostate cancer. The treatments for prostate cancer such as surgery to remove the prostate gland or radiotherapy may not even be necessary for most men diagnosed with the disease.

Prostate cancer treatments themselves can result in serious side effects, including incontinence and impotence. A study by researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research in England, found that men whose cancer is detected early by a PSA screening or other method, are not likely to die from the disease.

The study predicted that men between the ages of 55 and 59 with low-grade cancer have a one in 100 chance of dying from the disease within 15 years, even when-- no treatment-- was received. You are not given those odds when you elect metical treatments. So treatments-- are not likely-- to prolong survival in these cases, anyway.

Now if you will stay with me on my line of reasoning here,--- it is you that has to make the choice of surgery or no surgery, or radiation, or no radiation treatments, chemo or no chemo; and no one on this earth, in the wellness industry is going to tell you what to do, because we would be crucified by the medical industry and their bought and paid for government authorities; but just listen to facts and make up your own mind.


Remember last week when we talked about, Sadly, the masses of society have been slowly released from Intelligence, by the systematic efforts of Big pharma and are left with only Pleasure and Fear to guide them in their life’s choices. You might say, intelligence has been surgically removed through a long and arduous undertaking, by the efforts of big pharma, as well as big business in general. You are taught not to dispute your doctor, after all, he or she is the smartest person on the planet. OR NOT!

There is no question that intelligence is on its way back, but too often we still rely only on the two major guiding principals of our past, which we learned to be so comfortable with, and that was pleasure and fear.

We have grown so accustomed to the simplicity of these two old friends that we often times still, close off ourselves to intelligence.

It has always been puzzling to David and I, as to why a person would choose to go for treatment to someone who openly admits that they know, neither the cause, nor the cure?

Would you take your car to a mechanic who told you that he didn't know what the problem was or how to fix it, but that it was okay to leave your car with him, so he could do some work on it, charge you a lot of money, and then give it back to you still broken. The doctor, when providing you with this same circumstance, sees no reason why you shouldn’t be perfectly ok with this non-sense. In that arrogance, he or she is openly expecting that your ignorance will not challenge, because he or she is the doctor.

You wouldn't do that with your car, so why would you be to blindly follow the medical sickness industry’s advice, who offers you the same guarantee as an inept auto mechanic?

Does this make sense?


The car metaphor, JUST described, is a perfect example of Prostate Cancer treatment. The PSA test, which measures levels of prostate-specific antigen, a protein produced by the prostate gland, which allows doctors to “think” - they detect prostate cancer earlier, and this is scientifically debatable.

There are researchers who are testing a new technique for prostate cancer, called Active Surveillance, which they say will help ensure that treatment in the sickness industry, is given only to men who they "think" will benefit from it. Men who have high-grade, advanced, prostate cancer, for instance, would likely be chosen by the sickness industry --to benefit --from their type of treatments.

This year, some 200,000 American men will discover they have prostate cancer. Second only to skin cancers, prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in men. Cancer is not always associated with an enlarged Prostate.

But remember, if you missed our last program, do your self a favor and download it to listen to in the near future. Cancer is the symptom of the disease, the disease is: You have provided your body through the choices you are making and have made, a low oxygen environment for your body.


Thirty percent of American men, or one in four, will have prostate cancer by the time they're 50  (in our opinion) because of their past poor choices.  These numbers increase as men age, “If they don’t listen and learn and act on what they learn”. As many as 38,000 men are expected to die from prostate cancer,, this year alone.

Most physicians recommend the standard treatment choices--surgery, radiation, and in isolated instances synthetic hormonal therapy or—prescribing things like lupron, to chemically castrate the man—all these treatments have limited effectiveness, at best, and cause major side effects--ranging from-- incontinence –to- impotence-- for an overwhelming majority of men.

Just examining the hormonal aspect, in our opinion, they are not doing the proper testing number one, they use blood and synthetic hormones are proven to cause cancer.  We believe that proper testing is saliva, stool, biofeedback and cold light laser. Next, we believe that pharmaceutical synthetic hormones are indeed bad for you and will most certainly cause many side effects; which is why we have always provided "bioidentical hormone replacement therapy".

While many doctors think immediately of eliminating what they mistakenly deemed to be the problem, such as testosterone, they think very little of the treatment's devastating --side effects-- that seriously diminish the --man’s immune system and quality of life. And, for the 40,000 American men who have their prostates removed each year, all have diminished sexual capacities and, 35 percent of the men afflicted-- find themselves dealing with the return of the disease, within just five years, so the odds are bleak. When testosterone is blocked, men quickly develop depression, diarrhea, and dementia then eventually they die. All humans need some testosterone. Despite this sad record of treatment failure, conventional sickness industry medicine, still believes that testosterone causes prostate cancer.

So, why wouldn’t you want to try the alternatives, faced with the bleak outcomes in the sickness industry? Alternatives that may well help you live longer and circumvent you loosing all functions and even beat the disease?


When a client of ours was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, with a nodule in 1998, with his PSA at 19, the doctor told him, that he was certain it was cancer. Our client rejected the commonly held notion in the medical community, that prostate enlargement and cancer, is an inevitable part of male aging.

He was determined not to become another statistic. Refusing to have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, he embarked on a personal mission to investigate alternative treatments, and this is when he found our clinic.

The results are produced by the basis of our healing programs that ultimately KEPT HIM from any of the medical interventions earlier mentioned.


Prostatitis is defined as an inflammation and/or infection of the prostate. It is sonomonous with the term benign prostatic hypertrophy, more commonly known as BPH, which ultimately becomes prostate cancer; if there is no wellness program chosen by you for intervention.

Urologists have been very un-successful at treating prostatitis with antibiotics, which usually make the condition worse and is probably the biggest or close to it, blunders the medical community has ever made in my opinion.  So therefore, recurrence becomes the norm for millions of men due to an immune system compromised by all the antibiotics.


There are terrible potential consequences you can face when the early warning signs of deteriorating prostate health are neglected.  When you determine for yourself that you are not going to be, business as usual, for the sickness industry, and resolve to take health into your own hands; call us, email us or come to see us and when you do contact us; don’t be one of those who wants the magic pill. Understand you will be involved with a process that is a complete lifestyle change. You did not get in the health you are in now in a day, it took years of poor habits to accomplish the degeneration. If you decide, after hearing us, you won’t to try our programs but you are not going to do one specific thing or, all several of the suggestions that we offer you, then please, do yourself a favor, and just keep on keeping on with your doctor. Our alternative programs are for people who can remain committed, who refuse to curl up in a corner and accept the fate, which the doctor ordered.


When your physician says that your enlarged and irregularly shaped prostate is “just part of aging.” You have just been sadly misinformed. Our intensive research into other alternatives is what developed the suggested health improvement programs for prostate conditions, as well as all disease. We are sharing with you today, our hope that you consider the alternatives. You have to make up your own mind because this is an alternative to the medical pharmaceutical industry. If you were taking a pharmaceutical synthetic drug the doctor prescribed for you to take, and it killed you, the medical community would only say, we did everything medically we could do, and there would be nothing more said about your death, because the law says: That this is not a crime in the sickness industry.


But if anyone prescribes, or makes the statement that they can treat or cure a disease in the wellness industry, there doesn’t have to be anything negative effects taking place, because the person in the wellness industry prescribing, treating or stating that they can cure with the alternatives, are going to be burned at the stake.  Luckily, for more than 5,000 years nothing negative has taken place with the world’s first medicine, which is natural to the body and not synthetic, but still, the law says, if you represent the wellness industry and you say you can treat or cure, you will go to jail.  This is because of the strangle hold the pharmaceutical companies have on our country.


As a result of the laws bought and paid for by Big Pharma, we provide the information, you take the information or you leave information. The information we offer is the following:

Use our BHRT, Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, our nutritional supplements, our Lymphatic drainage treatments, our high antioxidant supplements our EDTA suppository chelation therapy and biofeedback  to determine food triggers and to treat stress, yes, the FDA says our claim of biofeedback as a treatment of stress, is acceptable.

Also our biofeedback can help lower the blood sugar level by determining what triggers your blood sugar to rise and you then should eliminate it from your diet. All of these make up our alternative healing approaches to prevention of disease, such as prostate trouble, before it starts, as well as to help the body rid itself of disease, after you have allowed it to start.


Understanding what causes cancer is one of our main support educational tools, which is, besides low oxygen, includes removal of toxins in the body from the environment, diet, drugs and parasites and so on. Learning to stop putting these toxins in the body is a major breakthrough for our clients.

Education will include learning how you might reverse the cancer-causing effects of all heavy metals including mercury from dental amalgam filling, to mercury and aluminum in injections from your doctor, all these toxins can be addressed by our detoxification and removal program accomplished with our in home EDTA suppository chelation therapy. Realize that most of our programs can be accomplished via telephone and mail, so don’t be distressed that you live out of our immediate region. Just give us a call at 954-742-4430 that number again is 954-742-4430


A symptom free body is not necessarily a diseased free body. Cleanse and strengthen your body, including your prostate, colon and other organs with our products and services.

Enhance your sex life and become physically and mentally stronger, in other words get yourself to where you can use it or, you may lose it.

Virtually eliminate your chances for disease by using intelligence in the stead of pleaser or fear. When you understand the alternatives and believe that you to be safe now--- you need only begin today these lifestyle changes.


Be as appalled by the poor options within the context of conventional medical treatment, as we feel those options are, and give yourself more natural possibilities to consider, for treatment and prevention. It is not against the law for you to treat yourself with products and treatments from the wellness industry; we just can’t say it.


Our programs are based primarily on restoring the immune system, balancing the body by cleansing toxins, improving nutrition, exercising and working toward a healthier positive emotional state and sexual life. Most of us living in industrialized countries are highly acidic, and by definition, we have developed a low oxygen body environment and therefore unwitting hosts to prostate and other cancers that thrive in this atmosphere. Toxins from our food, topically applied products, water, air, parasites, mercury from some injections and dental work, all contribute to making us acidic.


For instance there is a strong relationship with Mercury and Candida toxicity festering in the prostate until the cancer is developed. Our belief is that the mercury (that can be from amalgam fillings, environment or injections) gathers bad bacteria, which it feeds, and settles in the prostate and hides for years, eventually developing into prostate cancer. My observations with men is that they seem to always get better results and generally feel best when they do our detox program, with removal of heavy metals like mercury, which reduce Candida, utilizing our EDTA suppository chelation along with the other natural prostate products like our high antioxidants, probiotics and silver, which all have natural repair for the body, as well as drinking water from our Aging Younger Water ionizer. This ionized water helps to fight acidity.

The sooner you begin our complete health regimen, the sooner your body can normalize, and the sooner physical examination of such abnormalities in the prostate can become positive.


Movement and deep breathing is as critical to life as are the nutrients you put into your body. The philosophical error, that is inherent with the medical pharmaceutical industry, is, that they are committed to treating a symptom and not the disease itself; as evidenced by their treatment of cancer, which is not the disease, but only the symptom of the real disease, which is an acidic, low oxygen environment you have produced for the body, with poor habits. The low oxygen environment forces healthy cells to stop working with other cells, and simply eat and survive. These are called cancerous cells. Exercise and deep breathing are essential, to oxygenate the cells in our body.

Further, the reduction of oxidative stress and the overall benefit of body balance by utilizing the main stays at our clinic we have been talking about will net you healthy results.


We emphasize the importance of men and women becoming more educated about their bodies and taking more responsibility for their health as opposed to blindly following standardized courses of treatment based on fear from the medial sickness industry.

How we can take our healthcare into our own hands, can be demonstrated by the improved alternative healthcare programs which we provide, such as a program designed to enhance the immune system by strengthening the body's natural defenses, and helping the body to balance, by identifying food triggers and reducing the blood sugar and treating stress, as well as removing heavy metals and toxins from the body by our EDTA suppository chelation and balancing the hormones with BHRT bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. These are the sensible ways to obtain good health.


Our body is made to take a licking and keep on ticking-- as the old Timex Commercials used to say. The bad news is-- that we are beating our poor body to death and don’t even know it, or, at least we don’t fully understand the magnitude of what we are doing-- with every bite of the wrong food, every sip of those acidic beverages, every drink of the wrong water... and every short breath we take.

OUR good health Programs start with your belief system; you must believe in your heart that natural programs will make you well again; do your research, ask your friends. You have heard of the power of positive thinking; well there is nothing more destructive than the power of negative thinking.

One of our radio programs was on what happens in the brain when you place a thought there, positive or negative. If it came from a credible source, your brain subconsciously accepts it as fact; for example if it came from a doctor you trusted, who told you there was nothing else he or she could do for you, that you have only a certain amount of time left to live; then your body accepts what he says as fact and, begins the process of dying.

We are challenging conventional Western medical pharmacology, by offering a groundbreaking perspective that is long overdue, but you must decide.


A review of 225 studies - in a current issue of--- a Psychological Bulletin - published by the American Psychological Association, -- has found that cheerful people - are more likely to try new things - and --challenge themselves, - which reinforces positive emotion - and leads to success in their work,- as well as to good relationships---strong—good—health and a sense of purpose.  Even more than that, chronically happy people -- are in general -- more successful across many more life domains -- than less happy people  --  and --their happiness is in large part--- a consequence of their positive emotions - rather than vice versa.

When we lack the ability to realize the true needs in life and we don’t have a strong sense of purpose, we become vulnerable to depression, despair, and physical illnesses. The single biggest secret of all the long lifers, the cen-te-narians is, that they have had a strong sense of purpose, all of their lives. Their generation seemed to be able to develop purpose easier, than for many of us. They guide themselves with their intelligence and they do not wait for fear and simply accept someone else’s action plan.

Take prostrate health for example, that we have been discussing; the prostate is that vital center from which, men derive their vitality, creative energy and sexual drive--without it, overall health and “quality” of life is severely diminished.

That's why it's important to use intelligence to take care of your prostate now, before trouble begins and fear is established that may muddle your intelligent thinking. Waiting for symptoms and fear to guide you, is not the right thing to do; but if you have the symptom,-- then realize that now that you have that symptom, ---it is not the beginning of the end of all your vitality, creative energy and sexual drive, like conventional medicine might have you believe. Take control of your life now.


Even in cases of the advanced cancer, there may be no warning signs. Start providing good health to your prostate by removing toxins, increasing the immune system with nutritional supplements, exercising and deep breathing, reducing the blood sugar and balancing your hormones today. Provide a low acid and high oxygen environment that disease cannot survive in, which will include drinking ionized water from our Aging Younger water ionizer that can help you transform your acidic body to an alkaline body.


Prostatitis, a precursor to prostate cancer, affects most, if not all men, to some degree.

We are constantly getting our clients to walk in the early morning sunlight to increase “D-3” for strong bones and to allow the sun, just as it comes up in the morning-- to penetrate the retina, to help balance cortisol and regulate sleep.

According to a study, men with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood (typically obtained through early morning sunshine exposure) were half as likely to develop aggressive forms of prostate cancer, than those with lower early morning sun exposure amounts. Experiments also suggested vitamin D inhibits abnormal cell growth.


Much has been learned, since a 1998 study, when it seemed like we were reinventing the wheel, trying to help those persons heal prostate disease as well as all the other diseases. That study in 1998 was the latest finding that showed this close correlation of Vitamin D deficiency to prostate cancer, and there were some suggesting, that vitamin D testing may replace the discredited PSA test of the blood, for prostate cancer.

Stephanie and I start every morning with cleansing the mouth of hidden infections and bacteria from gums using our silver plus product. Silver plus kills every living pathogen in the mouth and when finish swishing it around and between your teeth for 30-seconds, you then swallow it, because it kills pathogens in the body as well as those in your mouth; then we brush our teeth. Believe it or not, a toothbrush is an invasive procedure as it comes in contact with the thin delicate mouth tissue. Anything on your gums will be in your bloodstream, with the bristles of that brush, unless you kill them first.


The client with a PSA of 19 we spoke of earlier, completed a 6-month program of EDTA suppositories to chelate the mercury and other heavy metals and toxins from his body.  He supported this nutritionally with our suggested nutritional supplementation program that has high antioxidants and pristine Omega-3’s in a daily routine. We identified his food triggers and he eliminated them from his diet. We collected saliva samples and had the laboratory analyze them and along with our compounding pharmacist we helped him balance his hormones. Basically he is living a lifestyle of good health that is going to produce longevity, with his sexual function as healthy as the rest of my body.


Stop putting toxins into your body and into the prostate. The prostate was designed by nature to filter toxins from the semen. And by adopting our Total Health Program, based on your body analyzed reports, you can change the direction in life that you are now heading. All body types must eliminate certain foods that cause blood sugar to rise, they must increase antioxidants, they must have the lymphatic system stimulated, thorough as little as walking or, adding treatments that we offer, plus balancing hormones and removal of heavy metals and toxins from the body and, you are not a statue, you must exercise and breath deeply.


All of our efforts in teaching others focuses on helping them improve their lifespan, both in quantity and quality. The long lifers we spoke of earlier, are eternal optimists and have a positive outlook on life. They tend to foster fond memories and let bad memories wither away. Consequently, they tend to have twice as many fond memories as negative memories. They let go of resentments. They also have a good sense of humor. A mental attitude is very important, but we must not loose sight of physical health; such as nutrition and detoxifying your way out of a Disease State.


The prostate gland becomes enlarged, and disease of all sorts BEGINS TO BE healthier, as a result of our poor choices, in creating good health. Our poor choices create infection and it improves the chances of other toxic invasions. This problem can almost always be handled with our good health and detoxification programs. As with any organ of the body, when it becomes toxic, in an acidic and low oxygen environment and out of hormonal balance, the best solution is not to wait any longer, and to start a natural alternative program to help solve these problems, by following our improved health programs religiously. So call us today, don’t delay any longer, 954-742-4430 again 954-742-4430



[disclaimer] “These statements have not been evaluated by FDA.  Treatments or
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”