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                                                     Methylsulfonylmethane MSM

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MSM Discussion

1. Manufacturer states: (Methylsulfonylmethane) - is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found within our bodies. It is a safe and natural, assimilable food derived from the ocean.  MSM is neither a medicine, drug, chemical, herb, stimulant, synthetic food nor additive. It is a member of the sulfur family but should never be confused with sulfa drugs, to which some people are allergic. It is completely safe, odorless, and non-toxic.  A 160-pound man has approximately 4 pounds of sulfur as body weight.  MSM is a natural organic compound.  It occurs naturally in the foods we eat but disappears when we process our food. 

Anti-Aging Clinic States: Yes MSM is a naturally occurring compound within our bodies and yes, it is ingested when consuming raw vegetables and fruit and we believe this is the only method by which our bodies should renew MSM. Certainly not by ingesting MSM derived from chemicals like DMSO, not natural to our body.

2. Where does MSM come from?

Manufacturer states: MSM is naturally occurring sulfur containing organic compound, found primarily in fresh fruits and vegetables and in every cell of the human body.  MSM is found in raw vegetables including broccoli, peppers, Brussels sprouts, onions, asparagus and cabbage. The highest natural concentration of MSM is found in mammal's milk.

Anti-Aging Clinic States: we agree with where natural MSM comes from.

Manufacturer states: MSM is an organic compound and commercial MSM is a pure, simple molecule that is indistinguishable from a molecule of MSM found in nature (Anti-Aging Clinic States: this is opinion and conjecture on the part of the author who is also a manufacturer of a MSM compound). Commercial MSM is derived from DMSO, not plants. 

Anti-Aging Clinic States: DMSO is a colorless hygroscopic liquid, (CH3)2SO, obtained from lignin. Lignin is a complex polymer, the chief non-carbohydrate constituent of wood, which binds to cellulose fibers and hardens and strengthens the cell walls of plants. Commercial MSM occurs when DMSO is oxidized and not from natural fruit and veggies.  MSM from fresh raw vegetables is healthy for the body and replenishes the naturally occurring compound found in significant amounts in nerve tissue, skin, hair and joints. 

3. Manufacturer states: Why use MSM instead of DMSO?

Anti-Aging Clinic States: We do not think that compounded MSM or DMSO should be consumed or applied topically on the human body. The original author of this article, also the manufacturer of MSM states that DMSO causes some side effects such as reddening and itching of the skin, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, excess intestinal gas, and allergic reactions; the manufacturer admits this and yet implies it is safe for any number of uses. DMSO has a strong sulfur odor resulting in a garlic smell.

Manufacturer states: None of the side effects are dangerous, just unpleasant. Manufacturer states: MSM that is derived from DMSO is safe and odorless and does not have the side effects as DMSO.

Anti-Aging Clinic States: We disagree with the manufacturer that compounded MSM is as safe as MSM through ingestion of raw vegetable or fruit.

The manufacturer goes on the say:  However, one property of DMSO, when applied externally, acts as a powerful carrier for other substances, including toxic ones. These substances are carried into the body through the skin and mucous membranes, where they can do damage. DMSO is sold from commercial outlets mainly for industrial and animal use only and should always be handled with care.

Anti-Aging Clinic States: We remind you that this manufacturer stated that MSM is derived from DMSO.

4. Who discovered MSM?

Two doctors discovered MSM; Stanley Jacob, MD. Of the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland and his associate, Robert Herschler, a research chemist for a paper manufacturing company. They both concluded that MSM is the main healing element of DMSO.

Anti-Aging Clinic States: Their research did not indicate that the MSM derived from the chemical DMSO was identical to that naturally occurring in raw veggies and fruit.

Their research revealed that MSM is in the body and is a natural sulfur compound found in all living things. It is actually one of the most prominent compounds in our bodies, just behind water and sodium.

The manufacturer goes on the say:  However, in his research, Dr. Jacob determined that the sulfur in MSM, called sulfonyl, is as safe and as important as Vitamin C in our diet, unlike the bad sulfurs, sulfas, sulfites and sulfides.

Anti-Aging Clinic States:  We do not dispute Dr. Jacob’s determination about the sulfur as it occurs in natural raw fruit and vegetables.  Since the manufactured MSM is extracted from the chemical DMSO and DMSO is not helpful to the body, it would be reasonable to deduce that this chemically derived MSM would not be good for your body. MSM naturally absorbed from veggies and fruit would be our choice.

Anti-Aging Clinic States:  DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is derived from lignin, the binding substance of trees. The Crown Zellerbach Corporation, a mammoth lumber company, holds a number of patents on DMSO for use as an industrial solvent or liniment for treating pain in horses. Crown Zellerbach licenses DMSO exclusively to Research Industries of Salt Lake City for marketing as a drug called Rimso-50. Topically-applied DMSO has the unusual ability to act as a "chemical hypodermic needle" which is to say that it is rapidly absorbed through the skin and can take with it other substances that ordinarily would not cross the skin's barrier including toxins. Topically applied DMSO produces a garlic-like taste in the mouth and a breath odor. Topical use can cause a rash, blistering, itching, hives, and skin thickening. Intravenous use can cause kidney damage and other adverse side effects.

Sulfur or sulphur, is a nonmetallic element known to antiquity as the biblical brimstone and recognized as an element, by Antoine Lavoisier in 1777. Solid sulfur is yellow, brittle, odorless, tasteless, and insoluble in water. Sulfur is widely distributed in minerals and ores, some volcanic regions, and large underground deposits, and often occurs with coal, natural gas, and petroleum. It is found in most proteins and protoplasm of plants and animals. Sulfur is used in Gunpowder, matches, Rubber vulcanization, insecticides, and the treatment of certain skin diseases; Sulfuric Acid is its most important compound; others are used as disinfectants, refrigerants, organic solvents, and Sulfa Drugs.

5. What happens if my body does not get enough sulfur?

Anti-Aging Clinic States:  Sulfur is found naturally in the human body and it is not identical to the mined sulfur. Sulfur natural to the body is stored in every cell of the body. Without the proper diet and proper supplements to restore the nutrients removed by food processors; your body won't be able to repair or replace damaged tissue fast enough. If this occurs, the body compensates by producing things like HDL and LDL, a short chain trans fatty acid, which produce abnormal cells that may lead to illness and disease. You will also experience sensitivity to pain when your body is lacking in the natural sulfur from poor nutrition. This is where we state that good nutrition and verifiable supplements is what the body needs; not a chemical refined from DMSO in the place of. The manufacturer continues: Sulfur deficiencies are also associated with gastrointestinal problems, a poor immune system, arthritis, and rheumatism, memory loss and acne. Poor water and nutritional intake can also lead to brittle nails and hair, dermatological problems and dry skin. We state that improving diet and learning food combinations along with improving your immune system with verifiable antioxidants and the removal of heavy metals with our nutritional support system is the correct method of producing normal healthy cells and pursuing good health.

6. What are the available forms of MSM?

Manufacturer states : Chemically derived MSM comes in forms of capsules, crystals, flakes, powder, tablets, lotion and gel.  There is no difference in either form for they are all the same product; Just different forms. 

Anti-Aging Clinic States:  We agree with the manufacturer’s statement here; the manufactured MSM is from the same product and we add: “DMSO” and certainly not natural and desirable to the human body.

7. How much MSM should I take and in what form?

Anti-Aging Clinic States: We say you should not substitute raw fruits and veggies or verifiable supplementation with any chemically derived product.

The manufacturer of MSM says: You should take whatever form is convenient for you.  You should always take the least possible amount of msm that gives you the relief you desire. 

Anti-Aging Clinic States we believe we know why he states you should always take the least amount possible and that is because he knows it is not natural to the body; you can eat all the raw fruit and veggies you want.

The manufacturer goes on the say:  Drink lots of water with his MSM. 

Anti-Aging Clinic States we believe he knows you must quickly flush the un-natural product from your system.

The manufacturer goes on the say:  For first time users of the chemical MSM,  it is better to take with meals to help prevent heartburn.  First time users start at a low level and build up.  Try 1000 mg or (eighth to a quarter teaspoon) per day.  Take it for that way for one week then increase it another a little more.  Once you have taken it a long time you will be able to take it without food.  The recommended dosage is 2,000 to 6,000 mg. per day, depending on your gastrointestinal tolerance. Please be aware that a single dose of MSM will not help!   The recommended dosage for a person weighing 150 lbs. should begin by taking 1/2 teaspoon once in the morning and mid afternoon. MSM needs to be taken for at least 1-2 weeks or even up to two month before you may see results. When MSM is taken by mouth with meals whether it is capsule, crystal, flake, powder or tablet form, the body will distribute MSM where it is needed. The precise dose of MSM is not really that critical. For the first week or two, larger doses of MSM may be needed to compensate for an extreme deficiency and depending on your situation.

 Anti-Aging Clinic States of course we believe this is hog wash; nature cannot be reproduced from manufactured or processed chemicals and will always produce unwanted side effects. Stay with good nutrition and proper supplementation is our suggestion.

The Anti-Aging Clinic states:  We suggest that you never take MSM chemically derived. We hope you will elect to strengthen your immune system by first electing our testing procedures for your antioxidant level with laser technology and strengthened with our verifiable antioxidant supplements; with biofeedback testing to identify your food triggers and reduce you’re your sugar intake; that will produce a report of suggested supplements for correction and by taking our saliva testing process to enable us to help you balance your hormones, utilizing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

8. Is sulfur the same as sulfa drugs and sulfites?

The manufacturer says No. Organic sulfur is a nutrient, a necessary part of natural chemical processes in the body. It should not be confused with sulfa-based drugs or sulfites, which are forms of inorganic sulfur. Sulfa drugs are synthetic, meaning that they do not occur naturally.  Sulfa drugs are sulfites.  MSM is a sulfur compound, but is not a sulfite.

The Anti-Aging Clinic states: MSM is derived from the solvent chemical DMSO, which is not natural to the body and therefore, anything derived from that process including sulfur, is not natural to the body.

The manufacturer says : Sulfa drugs are used for the purposes as antibiotics, which in some people cause allergic reactions.  The body produces sulfites in its normal metabolism of sulfur containing amino acids. Sulfite compounds have been used for more than 300 years and are considered safe. If you are sensitive to sulfur based preservatives watch out for these names: sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium bisulfite and potassium metabisulfite. 

 The Anti-Aging Clinic states: We would advise our clients that anything synthetic or derived there from, is not natural to the body and should not be ingested or applied topically.

9. How does MSM help the skin?

The manufacturer says: MSM is great for your skin if you have acne. MSM acts to keep the skin's cells and the tissue soft. Keeping the skin soft ensures that it remains elastic enough to allow stretching and movement without damage. Smooth, flexible skin is less prone to wrinkles and dry flakiness. It even helps stretch marks. MSM benefits the skin and internal organs. Try MSM soap on your face. It leaves it smooth and soft and helps with acne.

The Anti-Aging Clinic states: This is in our opinion, a false statement. The skin produces collagen and elastin via signal sent to the tissue by way of copper plus-2 ions in the body that reduces lines and wrinkles. There is only one known molecule that is identical to the bodies cooper plus-2 ion and that is copper peptide. The copper repairs the skin is a dryer state as apposed to the oily state.  The Anti-Aging Clinic skincare products contain the copper peptide technology. Finally soap destroys the acid mantel and would not be helpful to the skin; our skin cleansing system contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid for deep cleanings of the skin pores and is followed with Herbal Toner to restore the acid mantel.

10. How does MSM help your hair and nails?

The manufacturer says: Sulfur helps the body to form keratin, the protein that makes up the main part of the outermost layers of your hair and nails. It is a tough, fibrous protein that is very resilient to the effects of damaging chemicals and other harmful agents. Each strand of hair has its own keratin supply, which is stored in the root. Sulfur is also contained in biotin, a B vitamin that is essential for shiny hair and strong nails. You may be interested to know that the natural inclination of hair to be straight or curly is maintained in part by the sulfur amino acids. MSM benefits dry scalp and hair and improves nail growth and benefits your cuticles and nails. 

The Anti-Aging Clinic states:  Keratin: Dry skin is apparent in its upper-most layer, the epidermis. Roughly 80% of the body's epidermal cells are made of keratinocytes, composed of soft protein keratin. The epidermal cells are born in the lowest layer of the epidermis, the basal layer through a signal from your body’s copper plus–2 ions, which is the signal for the tissue to repair itself. As these cells rise toward the outer (horny) layer, they undergo many changes, including the increase in the amount of keratin they produce. By the time the cells reach the top, they are no longer alive, and are formed entirely of keratin.

If the cells contain too little keratin, the appearance begins to look cracked and flaky as cells sleuth off. Keratin needs water to keep it pliable and healthy; when there is not enough water, the keratin crumbles and the cells can't stay together. This is what happens when the skin becomes dry. In order to keep this from happening, a way must be found to keep water trapped in the skin, keeping the keratin healthy.

Moisturizers are a very important part of keeping the skin moist. It is one of the key factors in healthy skin. Most moisturizers available are composed of some formulation of oil and water, with added ingredients that are harmful to the skin; causing clogged pores. However, moisturizers are only capable of keeping moisture from escaping out of the skin, not putting moisture back into the skin. Nutrition and proper water consumption is very important.

The most effective moisturizing emollient available is a humectant. Humectants are a class of moisturizers, which do not contain oil and may be classified as oil-free. These are hyaluronic acid that is natural to the body; it is at the ends of bone and in heart valves. Humectants are also extremely effective moisturizers as well as cleansers; such as alpha hydroxy acids to deep clean the pores of the skin, which actually improves the skin's ability to retain moisture.

One important tip in the use of moisturizers is to apply to damp skin. This helps trap more moisture in the skin, keeping it better lubricated.

Exercise increases blood flow and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Our non-surgical face-lift stimulates that oxygen with a vacuum technique on the face. These factors help skin look dewy and firm, undermining dry skin's brittle stiffness.


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