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                                                     Food Intolerance


What Is Food Intolerance and Why Is It So Important?

Most people are not familiar with the term "food intolerance" or that it means many different things. So, this document will help to  familiarize the novice with this crucial topic.

Food Intolerance- Man and Animal versus Cow, Gluten, Casein, Soy and Corn.

Have you ever noticed that the cow’s calf stops drinking the milk at a very young age and transfers over to the grass and feed? Why do we think we must drink cow’s milk all of our lives? Cow’s milk is both a protein and a carbohydrate together and the body does not deal well with the two together. When your body reacts to cow’s milk and you go to you doctor, he/she will tell you that you are lactose intolerant and that could not be farther from the correct answer. Every body requires lactose. Your reaction is normal; your food combinations have been violated and your body is reacting normally. Because some of our systems are more tolerant of our poor food combination choices, does not mean that it isn’t still bad for your health.

Digestion is very important and begins in the mouth, when we chew and swallow. It is completed in the small intestine. The chemical process varies somewhat for different kinds of food. A drug can slow or reverse the process. The villi inside the intestine are hair like membranes that can become covered with fermentation.

When starches are eaten, the signal is sent to the pancreas to provide alkaline or neutral gastric juices, such as “amylase” at an alkaline pH of approximately 7.1 to 7.2. Conversely when proteins are eaten, the digestive system provides “acid” gastric juices, at a pH of approximately 3.

When protein is present, the signal is sent to the pancreas, to release more “protease enzymes”  to process the protein. When these food groups are eaten together, the gastric juices provided by each, cancel each other out, resulting in poor digestion and a disease state.

For example, an acid media is required for digestion of flesh foods and alkaline for veggies.  If combining the two, the alkaline can neutralize the acid required for digesting the flesh foods. Therefore veggies would not be a wise choice to consume before your steak, poultry or other flesh meals; you should always consume your protein first.

Timing for consumption of foods is important. Having a salad with a protein for example, by eating the salad first, the hydrochloric acid needed, for digesting the protein is blocked. Digestion is better, if you eat the salad after the protein or while eating the protein as long as about 25% of the protein was consumed first.

Most people who consume milk and suffer a reaction are told by their doctor if they suffer from gastro esophageal reflux disease GERD, that they are lactose intolerant. When in fact no one is lactose intolerant, everyone needs lactose. Milk is both a protein and a carbohydrate and therefore your body is acting normally. Combining protein and carbs in any fashion will create illness or disease.

Digestion of fruit results in the release of an alkaline, which neutralizes the acid secretions needed for protein digestion. So it is not wise to consume fruit with meat. It is not wise to consume fruit with anything, even other types of fruit. Each fruit digests at a different rate of speed and if you get a slower digesting fruit in front of a fast digesting one, you will suffer gas and bloating.  If foods like fruits, which are fast digesting, get held up in the digestive system longer than necessary,
by being combined with foods that digest more slowly, fermentation takes place.

Most of us can recall that gurgling feeling of our stomach after we have consumed
certain foods.

In so far as consuming fruit in the morning we would not want a non-acid fruit to be consumed in the morning for breakfast, because the body needs acid, to begin the energy process for the day. The four fruits that are good for morning consumption are Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries or Cranberries because these are acid fruits.

Motivation and enthusiasm that is necessary for the morning requires acid. Foods like Oatmeal or Whole grain, high fiber cereals are a wise choice in the morning; with one of the acid fruits just mentioned like blueberries.

Having coffee in the morning to spike the serotonin is not a wise choice due to the fact that Enthusiasm requires the acid side for energy, just as the day follows the night. For example when non-acid fruit is eaten as breakfast, it pushes the body back toward the alkaline pH, inhibiting digestion for near future meals, in the stead of a more acid swing, required in the natural cycle. You can control you
hunger urges with our proven programs; you need only contact us.

Coffee acts as a temporary tranquilizer to the brain, leading to low energy and prompting the use of more stimulants such as coffee, tea, tobacco or refined carbohydrates to bring needed energy to the body for a short cycle period that in turn, will leave you with lower energy at the end of the short cycle.

The simplest rule of food combining is to eat food, or combinations of food, that have digested easily from our own past experience. It is usually easy to digest foods from the same food group, or from two compatible food groups. When eating Meals with Vegetables a carbohydrate should be eaten with protein, consuming the protein first.

Since the meat, or other flesh, requires the pancreas to manufacture the hardest to manufacture enzyme, the most taxing for the body to make protease, it would be best, to consume all, or some of the flesh food, before the vegetables or other carbohydrates. Since the pancreas will only manufacturer one enzyme type, at a time. The pancreas will take the path of least resistance and start
manufacturing the easiest to produce enzyme, which is for the vegetables or other carbohydrates if they are consumed first. 

The way you eat can affect how well you feel, your energy levels, and how well you digest on a daily basis. A healthy body can defend against a virus and bacterial attack much better.

For those instances where you have come in contact with a virus it is suggested that you begin taking immediately, our Ionized Silver that will destroy every virus. No virus can become immune to the effects of our silver product.

Silver is a trace mineral. Ours is Ionized or as referred to herein as
(OSH) O-lig-o-dynamic Silver Hydrosol.

When we add in the man-made chemicals, genetically modified
ingredients, preservatives, colorings, and flavor enhancers, the self-induced nature of our suffering should become readily apparent, but for some reason it has escaped many; but education is winning the battle.

A whopping 75% of the calories in the “Standard American Diet”
(appropriately abbreviated the S.A.D.) come from the number one and
number two human and animal food allergens: cow’s milk and wheat. Why they are the top allergens and why soy and corn join them further down on the list to round out the top four will be the main topics of this discussion.

But as if this is not bad enough, 90% of prepared human food contains
genetically modified ingredients and hydrogenated oils in them and 60% have MSG (monosodium glutamate). Throw in things like aspartame (a known neurotoxin that causes hardening of the liver and then tons of genetically modified corn, to make items such as high fructose corn syrup and then iodized salt, preservatives, chemicals, estrogens such as soy and tofu, don’t forget pesticide residues and you have a pretty good start of how we arrived at where we are today; sick and obese.

The real question (and this is huge) is: “Why is cows milk and wheat the number one and two human and animal food allergens?” The answer is so simple that it is literally stupefying.

There are substances in this food that causes physical harm to the
intestinal tract, thereby eliciting an immune response. Part of this
response is intended to go off to distant locations (skin, ears, lungs,
brain, etc) to warn us that the damage is taking place.

This enemy is sneaky and its initial attack is on the headquarters of our
body and is cloaked in secrecy. But, those with their eyes open should
see the smoke rising from that assault. This is why we say on most of
our radio shows that disease starts years earlier than when the
symptom showed up.

In cow’s milk, the culprit is casein, a very powerful glycoprotein, from
which they make waterproof industrial adhesives. Did you get that?
They make GLUE from casein. Who’s picture is on the bottle of a very
popular brand of household glue, one that the kids might eat in
elementary school if they had a craving for it?

Yep, a well-known dairy company makes that glue and a cow is on the
label. It is made from casein. And, it DOES stick to your (and your pet’s)
intestines, primarily that first stretch of the intestinal tract known as
the duodenum. This glue keeps this vital section of bowel from
functioning optimally. Its adhesive properties are advertised in the
form of that famous moustache in the ever-popular television
commercial; “Got Milk?” 

Stick out your tongue after drinking milk. Yuck!    Is it really a stretch to
think that it sticks to our intestinal tract much the same way? The thinking person is saying, “But the stomach breaks it down, doesn’t it?” The bad news is, that even with the tons of acid the stomach produces...and the heartburn and chronic gastritis that follows...this form of glue still survives
to reach the duodenum.

Who knows this and how do we know? We know through our years of
dedicated research! Most doctors both know and don’t understand this.
Does the truth alarm you? What doctors tell you in certain conditions is
a conundrum to us. How can they know to tell you not to take certain
medications with milk because it will block the absorption of that drug
and not know that milk physically blocks other substances in the same
manner? How can some pediatricians tell new moms not to give cow milk products to their child until the baby is on an iron-rich diet and not see that this same milk blocks iron absorption in adults, which is contributing to the act that iron-deficiency anemia is the number one nutritional deficiency in the world, especially to celiacs.

This is taking into account red meat consumption and the capital of the world for red-meat-consumption is our United States. How can that be? Simply stated, we are not absorbing all of what we consume because of fermentation. And now we know one reason why! The statement exists that every disease starts in the colon; get the picture?  But, cow’s milk and casein are only the beginning.

Why do we keep specifying cow’s milk? Here is the neat thing: goat milk is nearly devoid of casein, which is the real reason why goat milk is considered the “universal foster milk” most like mother’s breast milk...and why the Greeks elevated the goat into the heavens...for the milk it gave.

All mammals could be successfully raised on goat milk. BUT, feed those same infant mammals, cow‘s milk, and watch how many come apart at the seams. The casein is the culprit, NOT the lactose.

Goat‘s milk has plenty of lactose. So much for that deception we are always alluding to.

Here is the important thing. The other “food” that coats (and
subsequently damages) the intestinal villi...and the ONLY ones that do this along with casein...are gluten, soy, and corn. These are the big four we speak of. It is man and animals that are at the mercy of casein, gluten, soy, and corn.

The strongest evidence of their potential harm is found in the fact that all of these food elements are used to make adhesives, powerful adhesives. Casein, gluten and soy are the strongest, stickiest, and most powerfully antigenic glycol-proteins while corn is a slightly less powerful but nonetheless a very significant player (especially the corn that we have recently created through genetic modification). Go to our website and read what foods have genetically modified ingredients. LiveLonger123.com

They put cars together with the super-glues manufactured from soy protein. They make waterproof industrial adhesives from casein and gluten that are used for numerous purposes ranging from the glue on stamps and envelopes to putting metal together. But, the “best” they can do with corn glue is to put cardboard boxes together. This may be the reason why the
FDA and, published veterinary work, list of food allergens reveal what theydo. In their proper order as recorded by these agencies are the food allergens cow’s milk, wheat, soy, and corn. Soy should become number one in our opinion, because it is also an estrogen. Persons who consume soy can upset their hormone balance. This is one of the questions we ask our clients who are about to participate in our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Program; do you eat soy or tofu?

Un-fortunately, there are too many soy big business advocates who will keep this from happening.

“If you get one thing from what we say today then please get this.” The
duodenum is “Pandora’s Box“.

You don’t understand? Of course you don’t understand.... yet! But you will. Why do we call the duodenum “Pandora’s Box“? Because, once you “open” it (damage it), you unleash the plague...that can happen to man and animals.

The sad and startling fact is that we have yet to meet a medical sickness industry health professional (MD, DVM, or nurse) that has been able to tell us what the duodenum ABSORBS. In fact, I have had numerous casual conversations with these professions in the industry opposite of mine, which is the natural wellness industry, during which, they looked me in the eye and boldly stated that the duodenum absorbs “nothing”. Then, once I remove the astonishment from my face (not throwing remarks at them of course, because I didn’t know either, a few years ago). I continued my explanation that the duodenum does nothing less than-- absorb the vast majority of our calcium, iron, iodine, B complex, vitamin C, zinc, boron, lithium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, etc, etc, and etc.

In fact, the duodenum absorbs just about everything except our calories, protein, fats, and fat-soluble vitamins (which amounts to a great deal).

The amazing fact is that 95% of our vitamin D activity takes place in
approximately one-third of our duodenum, where the initial and majority
of damage was caused by the “big four” glue-foods.

The “glue food” leaves the stomach and coats the villi of the duodenum, especially the first one-third of the duodenum. Then, those glycolproteins from the gluten grains (wheat, barley, and rye), casein, soy, and corn induce an immune response in susceptible individuals. Certainly, not all people or pets have an immune response to these glue foods, but according to recent studies, the incidence is much higher than once thought to be. Anyone who understands this should have the same “revelation” that we have had in our research from years past...that we have found the “mother lode” in the glue foods.

As early as the year 2004, celiac was considered a “rare disorder occurring in less than 1 in 5,000 people”. No wonder doctors (and veterinarians) had forgotten about it. But, in our study about the condition created by the glue foods...the one that explained everything best, that was plaguing celiacs, as I understand the disease, was the one I read about a year ago where they were diagnosing people on the other side of the Atlantic at the rate of over 1 in100. 

How could it be rare over here in our country (1 in 5,000), when most of us descended from those Anglo-Saxons, Italians, Scandinavians,
French and Germans?

Yes, there was something wrong with the numbers. So, our study of
other research of celiac disease, lead us to discovering that casein, soy, and corn all did the same thing as gluten and it has opened our eyes.

All of the years of research for the past 30-years that we have
accomplished has brought us to the truth about hydrogenated oils,
MSG, aspartame, sugar, the lactose myth, air pollution, and much,
much more.

Now, here is what should really grab your attention and (hopefully) not
let go. Talk about hindsight being 20:20. I read the research of a person who graduated from vet school 26 years ago who recognized that dog food was corn-based. Keep in mind that corn has been modified to “death” over the past 25 years. Ever hear the term “hybrid corn“?

Do you remember the Starlink corn scare a while back relating to the
gene/CRY9C. StarLink is one type of genetically engineered field corn,
which Taco Bell took the fall for? You only heard the beginning of that
story. The bottom line was that this corn was bad enough and was in
retrospect, causing so many of the problems that we saw back then,
especially in animals like the “trouble breeds”: the German shepherd,
Poodle, Cocker, Shar Pei, and the Irish setter. Remember when there
were Irish setters around? Have you seen one lately?

When this country’s manufacturers started adding wheat to pet food
about ten years later, we effectively landed the single-most devastating blow to veterinary health that we had struck since adding a milk coating to the puppy and kitten Goodies.

Don’t let that last part slip past you. The cow’s milk coating we had on the growth formulas for puppies was a HUGE problem that we are just now seeing the vital importance of. In a recent medical study, researchers in human medicine found that our children who drank cow’s milk in the first five days of life had a staggering 40 to 50 times higher rate of asthma, type-1 diabetes, and juvenile-onset rheumatoid arthritis when compared to the general population. Oh, no! How could that be you might ask? You need to remember what is going on in the intestine and immune system of the newborn during the first five days of life as well as understand the concept of “lectins” which are antibody-sized glycolproteins derived from the big four glue food we spoke of...to really grasp the importance of this cataclysmic mistake.

Much of this particular issue is outside of the time restraints of this radio program but I think you will find that this “illicit fact” fits right into the grand scheme of things.

Why did we add wheat to pet food about 16 years ago? Did we not know better? It seems that somebody did. Veterinary texts reveal in print at that time boldly, listing cow milk and wheat as the leading food allergens. So, why did we do it? (Hmmm... those of you who routinely listen to my radio programs will remember those powers and principalities I always allude to in my comments. Their two most formidable manifestations are greed and ignorance.

What actually happened was a geopolitical phenomenon that occurred at that time. We had a “wheat explosion” that developed in this country as a result of numerous factors, including the fact that China became the number one producer of wheat in the world and thereby stopped importing it from us. This amazing transition in China’s diet because of wheat has its own prophetic implications.

We had more wheat in this country than we knew what to do with and, we are repeating history with SOY right now. SOY THE LINK

The Explosion of wheat forced it to become cheaper than corn and the
pet food companies saw bigger profits and started making kibble from
wheat instead of corn. Animals began to become sicker and sicker. .
Suddenly, every dog had allergies, immune-mediated diseases, and
cancer, not just the usual breeds either. But breeds like the Golden
retriever were turning into money pits and their owners were saying things like “I love this breed but I can’t afford to have another one.”

Veterinarians were concentrating on the topic of juvenile bone disease
and the same breeds kept popping up in their offices: the Rottweiler, the Lab, the German shepherd, the Rottie again, another Lab, another Lab, and yet another Lab. You get the picture.

These veterinarians also mentioned how they had learned through
experience that the puppy chows were harming these dogs more than
the adult foods. They weren’t sure exactly why that was so, but they no
longer recommended the “high-powered” puppy foods for rapidly
rowing breeds that were prone to these conditions.

Where are all of the Irish setters these days? That’s what happens when you feed a celiac lots and lots of wheat.

Celiac disease is gluten intolerance, an immune-mediated reaction to the gluten in wheat, and the Irish setter was the only breed KNOWN to be afflicted with this condition in the veterinary literature. All set in motion when manufacturers transitioned from corn to wheat in this country.

Humans, dogs, cats, or horses... can go years and years before the bottom drops out with this condition. And it takes the bottom dropping out for some of us to wake up to what’s really going on, doesn’t it?

We are the masters of denial as well as the patsies of deception.

“I’ll do it ‘til I have problems. Then, I‘ll quit we say about cigarette smoking, drugs, alcohol, or over-eating. The bad news is that by the time you have obvious problems with your lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, brain, immune system or duodenum, then you are way down the wrong road toward disease.

It is a consistent pattern that is proven time and again, we can live on
about 25% of our organ function...one half of one kidney, a fourth of
our liver, multiple coronary arteries clogged, numerous neurons
destroyed, etc. before we even start having symptoms.

Imagine now that over 1 in 30 humans NOT 1 in 5,000 as first imagined, have celiac disease or, are afflicted with the other related food intolerances (casein, soy, and/or corn)...food induced atrophy of the duodenum. Our research tells us that this also occurs in animals, with our old “extinct”friend the Irish setter, being the glaring example.

We are made to take a licking and keep on ticking as the old Timex ads used to say. The bad news is that we are beating our poor bodies (and those of our pets) to death and don’t know it or, at least we don’t fully understand the magnitude of what we are doing with every bite of the wrong foods, every drink of the wrong water... and every breath we take.

Prevention is the key and time doesn’t permit, but see my website to learn about the proper water. Return your body to an alkaline state with ionized water from our Aging Younger water ionizer. Every known disease starts in an acidic environment and disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

People are dying from drugs they have taken for years every day:
Synthetic HRT, NSAIDS, nasal decongestants, and the list goes on, what will be the next group, will it be the cholesterol statin drugs, or the ones you are taking?

You have choices, but the choice is up to you!  The transformation we
encourage and speak about on our radio shows are from the sickness
industry treatment of symptom to wellness industry prevention of disease.

Knowledge is power.” That is partly right, for sure. Faith is extremely
important, as is courage. You must believe and act upon what you think is true. You must be confident, strong, and persistent. So, we need to cover more subjects to build up your faith in the idea that all of us are
in charge of our health destiny more than we have ever been led to believe.

The proper nutrition can even alter your genetic destiny, which was once thought to be an immoveable force etched in stone.