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                                                            Cayenne Pepper

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CAYENNE The most powerful herb in the world!

"Cayenne is the finest vitamin -C, in the world and has the ability to clear the blood of matter and gasses that cause digestive problems and to help people who suffer from colds, congestion and even cold hands or feet. It alleviates inflammation and can break up the deposits that contribute to the pain of arthritis. It clears sinus congestion, conjunctivitis, and spongy, bleeding gums.

Because it also has astringent qualities, it can stop bleeding and prevent swelling and aid in scar reduction. Cayenne is, as stated, the finest source of Vitamin C and it rejuvenates the entire body when energy is depleted. It is such a powerful stimulant that just a few sips of cayenne water or a few grains of cayenne on the lips may help prevent shock or depression in times of physical or emotional trauma. And it is believed to be a good tonic for strengthening the heart.

Herbs are amazing when compared to medication, for example you can take aspirin that thins the blood for relief of a head ach or take the herb that aspirin is being derived from, Willow Bark. Chance’s are, if you open up your blood vessels and capillaries with use of cayenne, you might not need either, but certainly a combination of Willow Bark and Cayenne is a powerful pain reliever.

You could take Lanoxin (digoxin) to reduce angina attacks by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels or you could take hawthorn berries (crataegus) extract; you could not take them together because the blood pressure would be reduced so low; causing blood to pool, bringing on possible heart failure.


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