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 Nujuvenis Max was the original name & Rejuvenis Max is the name today & Daily Essentials (vitamins)

Nujuvenis MAX™ GROWTH FACTOR was manufactured exclusively for the Brazil market, but was the same product as our Rejuvenis Max!  We dropped the name NUJUVENIS MAX and now only sell the product under the American name Rejuvenis Max             

Rejuvenis Max ™Growth Factor is sprayed orally (3-sprays) in the morning just after awakening and at night just before going to bed (3-sprays). WHY TAKE IT?

Distributor min purchase 200 bottles.
Rejuvenis Max ™ is 6000 ng/ml per spray Advertised in US 1-bottle is $175

Benefits of Growth Factor

Supplementing the body with the growth factor has been shown to increase:

Increase stamina
Increase energy levels
Improved exercise capacity
Improved immune system
Increase in memory capacity
Improved skin tone and 

Improve deep sleep quality

Injected Human Growth Hormone - Side Effects

If your body has too much injected HGH , you can develop a disease called acromegaly, which causes the hands and face to grow freakishly big. The jaw becomes larger and your face becomes rough and oily. Organs like the heart, kidney and liver will also start to grow too much, which can cause heart disease, diabetes and other nasty ailments. Using injected HGH can also increase the risk of cancer because of the unnatural growth of cells. Some doctors say the apparent increase in the size of Barry Bonds' head over the seasons he played baseball was a sign that he has injected HGH to improve athletic performance. While human growth hormone may help some athletes, using injected HGH is also cheating and its dangerous side effects can be especially damaging to kids and teens, whose bodies are already going through major changes during puberty. You get none of these dangerous side effects with Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor:  All the Facts about recombinant HGH Here.


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