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                     Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor Why Take It

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Growth Factor, Why Take it?
The reason most people have never heard of Human Growth Hormone before was; it is a
product injected by physicians for a cost from $1000 to $3000 or more per month so it had
limited exposure in the medical community and the wealthy. Our Growth Factors are now
your alternative.

Is Growth Factor Safe?
Growth factor has substantial benefits and no known side effects.


Injected Human Growth Hormone - Side Effects

If your body has too much HGH in it, you can develop a disease called acromegaly, which
causes the hands and face to grow freakishly big. The jaw becomes larger and your face
becomes rough and oily. Organs like the heart, kidney and liver will also start to grow too
much, which can cause heart disease, diabetes and other nasty ailments. Using HGH can
also increase the risk of cancer because of the unnatural growth of cells. Some doctors say
the apparent increase in the size of Barry Bonds' head over the past few seasons is a sign
that he has injected HGH to improve athletic performance. While human growth hormone
may help some athletes, using HGH is also cheating and its dangerous side effects can
be especially damaging to kids and teens, whose bodies are already going through major
changes during puberty.


Some Reported Benefits of Growth Factor have been:


         Loose fat, gain lean muscle


         Sexual performance enhanced


         Memory retention improved


         Skin elasticity improved


         Energy level improved


         Stamina improved

As we age our pituitary gland slows production of
Growth Hormone (about 14% per decade) <![if !vml]>
<![endif]>therefore reducing the                          
amount present in the body.
Related information can be viewed in the link" more in depth info � on our website.

Spray 6-sprays under the tongue every morning as soon as you awaken; Leave it
for 5 minutes before swallowing, brushing teeth and breakfast.


[disclaimer] �These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. Products
or treatment reflected on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure
or prevent any disease.�

Because of the unscrupulous advertising practices from the manufacturers of inferior dietary
products, the FDA & FTC have made it clear that we may use the correct printed information
that indicates rGH spray is indeed Growth Hormone on our website but that no-one may use
the word Growth Hormone on the bottle containing the product for sale to the public; because
we must fly under the radar screen. We must use Growth Factor instead, which is perfectly
acceptable. We must also place the following statement on our website:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.
OverTheCounter Rejuvenis Max is produced according
to the guidelines of the
Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. Furthermore, with
respect to our Rejuvenis Max and Somastatin products, in order to comply with current FTC
requirements, we must state all anti-aging benefits mentioned are associated with the injectable
form of somatotropin and not our OTC HPUS products.


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