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                                  Hair Forensic Analysis

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Testing of the urine to indicate the heavy metal exiting is important, along with hair samples that utilize forensic analysis before and after application is completed. Removal of the toxins from the body is essential to good health. You can accomplish this in the privacy of your own home with the Anti-Aging Clinic suppository form of EDTA. Home test kits for verifying heavy metal exiting in the urine and hair forensic analysis of what is in your body is essential.

Collecting the hair sample is as simple as cutting hair and only using the 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the root up. No hair can be used if you have died your hair. Pubic hair, under arm hair or other body hair can be used in the place of, died head hair. A scale is provided with the hair sample kit because it requires a certain amount.

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