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                                                Turning Back Time and Controlling Weight

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 Turning Back The Clock Naturally
And Controlling Weight Sensibly:

Turning back the clock is now a reality

Explains David Tippie, director and founder of the Anti-Aging Clinic longevity center in South Florida. For the past 25 years Tippie has assembled an effective team of consultants, including MD’s Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Clinical Psychologists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Chemists and Aestheticians, who share a vision of developing and offering new and effective age rejuvenation treatments. The professionals at the Clinic work with clients to develop a tailor-made program and offer a variety of effective, natural, safe and noninvasive procedures and Professional products that effectively turn back the clock and help you Age Younger.      

“America is a graying society,” explains Tippie, “but the Boomers will redefine what aging means. From the 1960’s on, the Boomers have redefined the culture. Now that they’re heading into their fifties, their focus is on quality of life, Optimum health, beauty and longevity are of primary concern.” And that’s where The Anti-Aging Clinic Association comes in. The Clinic’s focus is on age rejuvenation, health and beauty. “Health is our number one priority,” says Tippie. “No one wants to look good and feel horrible.” And in keeping with the focus on health, the Clinic offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, a Weight management program as well as skin tightening and smoothing. This program starts with a unique assortment of tests to reveal health biomarkers utilizing laser, to note a person’s antioxidant levels and another to measure lean body mass, hydration level and basal metabolic rate that are combined with daily walking, a healthy nutritional program and lymphatic treatments, to insure a shapelier body; another biofeedback to determine food triggers to control your blood sugars and saliva panel testing over a 30-day period to determine your hormone imbalances..

Still, anti-aging, non-invasive procedures and age rejuvenation are why most seek out the Clinic. “America is a youth-oriented society. From surgeries and liposuction to a variety of treatments designed to help turn back the clock, but age rejuvenation, need not necessarily mean the use of invasive procedures or dangerous toxins,” explains Tippie.” In the last five years the Clinic developed a unique, non-surgical face-lift. They have researched and developed, the right way to reduce the body, that leaves the client with a feeling of well being, so the weight does not come right back. They have also introduced an effective alternative to Botox injections, called” Nujúvenate, that  is part of our alternative treatments,” which is a unique anti-wrinkle hexapeptide applied topically, used to reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. The Nujúvenate alternative compliments the Clinic’s comprehensive, multi-faceted anti-aging therapies program that addresses the body’s natural aging process and expands upon the natural non-surgical face-lift procedure.

Though Tippie shares his generation’s concerns with turning back the clock, he emphasizes that the Clinic’s focus is not on invasive procedures, but on holistic approaches to looking younger, being healthier and feeling good about yourself by balancing hormones. It’s about natural alternatives and options that work.” It is important to remember, “You can’t have beauty, without good health,” .

The Clinic collaborates with many doctors, mainly in the gynecological field, but the program fits many professional organizations. This collaboration provides a healthy, tried and proven method, of several things to assist the clients that are referred by the doctors and professionals.

Number one, it gives the doctors a place to send their clients that need help with their weight, which he sees as becoming obvious and is detracting from the client’s mental and over all health, in his opinion. There is a return to the doctor’s practice when supplements are selected by the client who will be purchasing them through the doctor, we will explain how, monthly, for as long as the client continues on the program and to purchase them.

The weight management program is as follows: The client’s antioxidant level is measured, which falls within the scale below, If the client’s level is low, a supplement regimen is suggested, to raise their level.

10,000 to 19,000

Very Poor

20,000 to 29,000

Below Normal

30,000 to 39,000

Average & Above

40,000 to 49,000

Beginning Good

50,000 to above


One of the leading causes of obesity is malnutrition. Obesity in our population is stopping the advancements made toward longevity, which are made by the new medical breakthroughs, to date. Verifiable supplements are of major importance to the Clinic’s weight management program as well as for overall health.

Then the client’s Body Composition is analyzed. A mild electrical current is sent through the body, and that number, or its speed traveled, is recorded in a computer program, along with the patient’s height, weight, sex and exercise regimen. With this, the program produces an analysis report, specifically for that client. The report produces the hydration level, the ratio of lean body to fat and the rate you burn energy in a relaxed state (BMR). With this base line, the client can be assisted through long term retesting, to follow and help insure their adherence to the program boosting their results.

The client is encouraged to drink 50% of their weight in ounces of water per day. Water is the vehicle for removal of toxins in the lymphatic system.

They are required to do at least the minimum of exercise per day, and that is walking for 60 minutes continuously. Motion is the pump for the lymphatic system. Locomotion moves the lymph along its pathways and helps in removing the body’s toxins. For the clients who can afford it, the Clinic offers lymphatic drainage treatments, utilizing high tech equipment. These treatments accelerate the patient’s results in achieving their desired body sculpting.

They are taught the necessity of regularity in eating, which is at two-hour intervals and to add foods high on the satiety index to the main three meals, then fruits and vegetables in the interim. The body remains satiated by eating every two hours and is the key to making the metabolism operate the body on the fat reserve.

The severe obese are given the opportunity to add a natural neurotransmitter interrupter to their nutritional program. This has proven to satiate and give the feeling of well being, to those who receive those false signals of hunger, shortly after they consume food, which is often the case, in morbid obesity.

As the mechanics of the nutritional intake are learned as well as good combinations of food, more attention is placed on the caloric intake. However, the mechanics of repetition are by far, the more important.

As the results of the programs testing and measuring begin to materialize, the client is beginning to feel wonderful, and operates with less stress. At this point if mood and stress are not optimal the client is asked to take the Saliva panel test so balancing their hormones is made possible. After that, the initiative to do more exercise is presented to the client, to accelerate the minimum exercise of walking 60 minutes daily, a small amount. Often times the client is doing extra, on his or her own, as the metabolism begins functioning properly and their energy increases.

Learning their new lifestyle, happiness is the order of the day and the client is introduced to skincare. Each and every new thing the client decides to accept will produce addition income for the doctor who first directed them to the Clinic provided the doctors office distributes the Anti-Aging Clinic Skincare Line.

The skincare is: Facials, acne facials, microdermabrasion, body waxing, glycolic peels and non-surgical face-lift.

The products are professional strength and based on second-generation, copper peptide technology. Copper plus 2 ions are produced by the body and is the signal for the body to repair itself. The Clinic’s second-generation copper peptide is identical to the body’s natural copper, and there is no other known molecule that can provide this.

The Clinic’s first stage products, clean the skin, and do not destroy, but in fact, rebuild the acid mantel. Still more, hydrate the skin with the substance called hyaluronic acid that holds the body’s moisture better than any other substance. Further, the skin’s aging is increased with exposure to the sun, and the Clinic’s full spectrum sunblock “pure titanium dioxide”, is paramount. Finally the Clinic has the alternative to Botox, their product is called Nujúvenate. This is a hexapeptide that is applied topically, that relaxes the lines formed by the facial expression muscles.

Doctors who would like to learn more about possible collaboration with the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc. Inc., should contact Mr. Tippie directly at: 954-742-4430.



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